Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 59 - Highlands Ranch, CO

Hello Everyone,

To Infinity and Beyond
This was a great week. We had some success and it ended with a very rare and cool event.

Tuesday Sept 22:
I went on exchanges on Tuesday with Elder Legler, whom I served next to in the past, in his area. We had a great day. We tried this new method of knocking doors where we only knock on doors we feel prompted to. It worked out great. One door we knocked on the person opened up and said come in. He listened intensively to our message and said he would love to hear more. It was a great day. Meanwhile in my area They found 4 new investigators two of which I will talk about later.

Wednesday Sept 23:
It was a slow day. I had some doctors appointments some of which were on the other side of Denver so it was a long drive. I did get to drive through two different missions though including the Denver North mission where Matthew served. That night we went by one of our investigators who hasn't been progressing. When we were there we met his brother and talked to him for a while. He seems very interested. We had a great lesson and conversation about the Plan of Salvation

Light Sabers from Hump Day
Thursday Sept 24:
Mask from Hump Day package
This was a great day. We had a district meeting and then tried some people. That night however we had dinner with a mother and her son who Elder Armenta found on exchanges. It was a great dinner and discussion. She has an amazing conversion story to her own religion / Jesus Christ. She was in a very dark place and eventually got out of it when a prompting of the spirit came to her to make another decision. It is a long story but is truly amazing. One interesting thing is that when Elder Armenta came to the door, the son answered and they talked with him for a while. When they mentioned Joseph Smith it made her angry to the point when she got up and started going to the door. On the way however she got a prompting to stop and the thought came into her mind, "Don't you dare be mean to those missionaries" It took her aback and she calmed down and went to the door and politely invited us to dinner. We had a great discussion about our common beliefs and are going back this Thursday.

Friday-Saturday Sept 25-26:
These were two very long days but were both good. We found some potentials and met some people on our ward list. Other than that there wasn't too much that happened.

Sunday Sept 27: 
It was a great day. It felt good to report that we have some great people that we are teaching. Our biggest issue here is finding people to teach. It has been difficult. We also had the Primary Program in one of our wards. It was funny and cute. We had the little sunbeams go out one by one to use the bathroom throughout, the kid that yells the last word of every phrase and there was an amazing solo this girl did.

Blood Moon in CO. Not the end of the world
In case you didn't know. Last night there was a rare occurrence that happened in the night sky. There was a lunar eclipse/harvest moon/the point in the year when the moon is the closest to the earth. This made a huge lunar eclipse. We watched it with a member and discussed the creations and wonders that God has given us. This entire week it seems that there has been a focus in the discussions I've had with others. I have appreciated the wonders and beauties of this earth. Colorado is a very beautiful place with a lot of cool rock/natural formations. When we see these it just makes me realize that there is a God who loves us and gave us this world for us to live on.

It was a great week. I can't wait for General Conference. There are going to be a lot of changes, with three new apostles. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher