Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 63 - Montrose

Hello Everyone,
This was an amazing and exciting week. I am now in Montrose on the complete opposite end of the mission. I am the second farthest area in the mission in the Mt. Sneffles ward, which is funny because before I was on the other end. It is very beautiful and we get an amazing view of Mt. Sneffels which are snow capped mountains in the distance. It is also very pretty with the fall leaves and the rain and sunshine. The members here are also amazing. Very missionary minded. Anyways here is the week.
Monday Oct 19:
We had a great day hanging out with Elder Dean who went home and Elder Jensen. We decided to make giant cookies with frosting on them for all the departing missionaries. I forgot to take a picture though. Overall it was a great day.
Tuesday Oct 20:
We woke up bright and early and piled all my stuff into a car. At transfer meeting I was told I am going to Montrose. Nearly all the people said that I was lucky and that it was a great ward. I was thrilled and very excited. I then got to drive about 6 hours to Grand Junction where I got to see Brother Smith again. It is always a privilege to see him. I then met my companion Elder Forrest. He has been out 6 weeks which means I am follow-up training. He is very optimistic and easy to get along with. The funny thing is that he is from Oroville CA. Fairly close to Folsom. We then got in a car and drove another 1.5 hours to Montrose.
Wednesday Oct 21:
It was a great day. The members are very very supportive and people in general are very nice. We actually taught a new investigator named Tom about the Restoration. He thanked us for getting him to talk about religion. It has been a while for him since he has been to a church and he was excited to do a church tour with us. I also got to  meet a lot of people and investigators that we have.
Thursday Oct 22:
We had an exchange with the zone leaders who just happen to live right next door.  In fact our doors are about a step away from eachother. I was with Elder Noblott the trainer of Elder Forrest. We had a great day starting off with a District Meeting. It turns out that my district leader is Elder Gish. I have served most of my mission around him and he has been my district leader before. I also seem to be the only person who can play piano so I attempted to sight read. Which I have been doing better at. Another intersting thing about this day was that we got caught in a home for 2.5 hours with Bible Bashers. They were actually really nice. They listened to our message and than bashed. Surprisingly this is my first real Bible Bashing session. I really try and stay away from them because they can drive the spirit away.
Friday Oct 23:
We started the morning off by driving to Grand Junction for Trainer's Training. It was really good and gave me some ideas about how I can follow-up train Elder Forrest the best way. He really is a great elder. He is on fire and soaks things in. He also has a very strong connection with the ward to the point where the ward will help us out with anything we need. Most of the rest of the day we planned. Because it is a new area we set some goals and went through the people we teach. Which is a lot. Another experience I had was to do a Church tour with Tom. We brought along a member who seemed to take over the church tour. At first I was freaking out a little because he was jumping ahead to all the commandments and things like that. However I soon learned that he was the perfect member for it. He made an instant connection with Tom and was just being a friend not just a followshipper. He even invited him to dinner and they talked the rest of the night. It was so cool to see.
Saturday Oct 24:
This was another busy day. We tried a lot of potentials and less-actives. We also helped set up for a Elders Quorum BBQ. Which later that night went really well. Other than that though it was a great and normal day. It is really cool to be with Elder Forrest because he has a sincere desire to improve. I also think it is a little funny because he loves the work so much that he took over an entire lesson without realizing it. I am so blessed to be with such a great companion.
Sunday Oct 25:
We had a great Sunday Service. Every single person came up to me to introduce themselves and get to know me a little. It was the Primary Program and Tom even came and loved church. We have an amazing ward here. We are also participating in the ward choir. They are lacking in men so they were very happy to have us there. That night we decided to go and check out our area a little. Most of it is country. There are a lot of canyons and little towns. We were shocked by how much is actually in it. The interesting thing is that we include Montrose, Ridgeway and Ouray. From one end to the other is about 1 hour. We have a lot of beautiful mountains and wild animals all around.
As you can see I am loving my area right now. I am excited to be here and my motivation level is at the top. I hope you all have a great week. Also
Congratulations Rachel and Russel on Emma Jane!
I hope you all have a great Halloween.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 62 - Highlands Ranch

Lorenzo and me.
It was a really great week.
Tuesday Oct 13: 14 Month Mark
This was the best day of the week. We started the day off with a church tour with one of our investigators. She really enjoyed it and even said that maybe she will be baptized. It was awesome because there was the Relief Society President with us. We then went out with Lorenzo whom is going on mission soon. He took us out to get some Pho and then we went and tried some people we found a few weeks back and gave a Book of Mormon too. An Indian man answered the door and we explained that we gave a Book of Mormon to his wife. He said, "Please come in, we love that book" They had read to Jacob and loved the Book of Mormon. We taught them the first lesson and they said they would love to come to church and be baptized. We had to teach them very simply because they are Hindu but you could tell they knew the Book of Mormon was true even though they might not understand it. That is one of the great things about the Book of Mormon, it carries the spirit with it. Just be reading its pages one can come to understand the truth. We ended the day off by having a Family Home Evening with a family who has a non-member living with them.
Service project at the Poulsons
Highlands Ranch District

Wednesday Oct 14:
It was a slow day but we got out and tracted and found a lot of potential investigators. It seems as though the work is moving forward here, finally.
Thursday Oct 15:
We had a very good District Meeting. We have three missionaries going home, Elder Rindlisbacher our district leader, Elder Dean, and Sister Smith. They are all great missionaries and I will miss them. I have the district photo attached. The rest of the day was pretty much the same as the previous day.
Friday Oct 16:
It was a long day. We had weekly Planning and ended up helping a member move out. It was fun because they used to do housing for the mission and I stayed in their home the first night in my mission. They took us out to Cafe Rio afterwards which is always great.
Saturday Oct 17:
We woke up and helped the Poulsons move some more. They had two trailers and we basically played tetris to see how much we could fit on there. We fit a ton. I'm surprised how much we got on there. Then we knocked some more doors.
Sunday Oct 18:
On Sunday morning we got a call from our mission President. It turns out that this next transfer that I will leave and follow-up train. Elder Armenta will be staying. I am excited to do this. It reminds me of when I follow-up trained Elder Young. I feel a lot more prepared now. Church was really great. The Falcon Park ward sacrament meeting was very good. There was a sister who got up and gave a wonderful talk on repentance. She likened sin to a wound. Repentance heals the wound but leaves a scar. You can always say that you can repent later, however a scar will be left. The scar is the consequences of sin. However she also brought up that when a scar forms the skin around it is tougher. Essentially The consequences of our sins help us to not make the same mistake. When we sin we learn. It is apart of life. However if you don't repent than the wound will be left open. You should try and stay away from sin thought because no one likes a scar. It was a really good talk. I then got to say goodbye to some people and start packing.
It has been a very hard area, but I have learned a lot of lessons. I learned that I need to listen to the sweet music of the Gospel rather than just do the dance steps. I learned that I can improve and shouldn't expect the work to move faster because I work harder. True success is hard to measure.
I hope you all have a great week. I will send my new address next week when I get to my new area.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin Pulsipher

Week 61 - Highlands Ranch

Plan of Salvation
Hello Everyone,
This was a very good week.
Tuesday Oct 6th:
We went on exchanges. I went with Elder Legler in our area. We ended up teaching a brother of a former investigator. His name is James. He is very receptive and was interested in a lesson that we taught his brother (he was sitting in). We went a little more deep pulling up biblical sources to support the Plan of Salvation (there was a lot more than I thought) so it was a little confusing. We re-clarified some things and he invited us to come back. It also rained all day. Overall though it was a great day.
Wednesday Oct 7th:
It was a good day. Nothing too interesting happened. We did some tracting and found some potentials investigators. That night we had a discussion with a recent move in to our ward. She recently became active and has asked us to teach her the discussions. It is really cool to see someone embrace the gospel and she most definitely has.
Thursday Oct 8th:
It was a great day. We taught 4 lessons which is our record here in one day. We started off with a district meeting which was fun. We then went to go teach James again, but he wasn't home so we went by an elderly member of our ward. He really enjoyed the lesson we gave him on the Plan of Salvation. We felt inspired to share the Plan of Salvation with an investigators son across the street. I made some cutouts of the plan of salvation to make a game basically. I have the picture attached (It is also my new planner cover for next transfer which is on the 20th by the way). It went really well. In fact a friend of theirs came in while we were teaching and sat in. Because she walked in the middle of it she was extremely confused.
When we left we saw a member we have been trying to get in contact with. She had expressed interest in coming back to some other members and this was the only time we saw her. We talked for a while and set up another appointment. We then planned to do some tracting when a former investigator called us to have us come over for some service. We went over and were able to gain her trust to where she let us come back. We had been working at gaining her trust lately. She has been going through a hard time and we call twice a week to check in on her. We knew that sharing to gospel will improve her life. She is a very spiritual person and knows the Bible well. This morning actually she called us. We asked her how she was doing and she said fantastic. I feel it had something to do with us providing service, calling her twice a week and teaching her. It has been the first time we have seen her this happy.
Friday Oct 9th:
Broncos Stadium
I had a doctors appointment on the other side of Denver (about 1 hr to get there). That actually provided me with the opportunity to drive through Denver for the first time. We got to see the city and the Denver Bronco Stadium. The rest of the day was slow with Weekly Planning
Saturday Oct 10th:
This was another really good day. I was on exchanges with an Elder Rindlisbacher. He is my district leader and the best one I have ever had. We started the morning off by giving a blessing to a members co-worker. She has been struggling and heard about Priesthood blessings, so he called us up and had us go with him. It was a great experience. She cried at the end and we could tell she felt the spirit strongly. We hope to teach her, but unfortunately she is leaving the country for 2-6 months. We then went to a less actives house and shared a message. It was funny because Elder Rindlisbacher's house had all the same furniture. We also had a lot of unplanned service. It was fun because we got to demolish a coach for it. Overall it was a great day.
Sunday Oct 11:
It was a very long day. We had 8 hours of church with the ward council's added on. We also participated in a Mission Prep Class as well which was fun. In fact the stake is doing a Mini MTC next month which I will be able to participate in if I stay this next transfer.

So overall it was a good week. I hope you all have a great week. Also Happy 18th Birthday Jacob!
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 60 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,
This was a busy busy week. A great one too.
Tuesday Sept 29:
I went on exchanges with a new missionary. IT was a good day. Nothing to exciting happened but overall it was a good day. We made contact with people and set up appointments mostly for the rest of the week.
Wednesday Sept 30:
This was a very busy day. We started the morning off by visiting the family history center with one of our investigators. We got her started on it and to our surprised a lot of her family history was done. She was ecstatic and wants to do more. It was pretty cool. We also did some things to prepare for zone conference on Thursday.
Thursday October 1:
We had a very long zone conference. It lasted from 8-5. The major focus of it all was relying on the spirit. We also had a training on love and how love is a major part of missionary work. If you don't love your companion, investigators, or the members then missionary work becomes a chore. We also talked about how many are called but few are chosen. Really God calls us but we must put forth the effort and progress in order to be chosen. We also talked about one way we can be more obedient and sacrifice something. We also decided to write on post  cards and put it in a giant box. This year my sacrifice I believe will be pretty hard for me. I have decided to give up sugar. This basically means I will stop eating candy and sugar while at home. If a member gives it to me that is fine. I have realized my sugar intake has been very high and need to stop that. So if you could please refrain from sending me sugary items until Christmas that would be great. If you have already sent it that is fine. I will thoroughly enjoy them. I will however except candy for Christmas when this sacrifice ends. I can't deny Christmas candy.
Friday Oct 2:
Friday morning we helped out with a food bank at a King Soopers. basically we passed out bags and people would go in and fill them up with food for a food bank. It was cool besides the fact that the store manager had no idea we were supposed to be there. A little drama there. It makes life interesting. We did meet a lot of cool people though. In fact one woman came up and asked if we could help out with another service project she does. The rest of the day was planning and unfortunately we were both under the weather. I am feeling fine now, but Elder Armenta has a cold.
Saturday-Sunday Oct 3:
This was an amazing General Conference. I really enjoyed the speakers and found that I was putting a star next to most everyone's talk with an MP3 so I can listen to them later. I noticed the themes of Increasing faith, following the spirit, keeping the commandments, enjoying the gospel, and The role of woman and parents. There was a sense of going back to the principles. Basically the gospel of Jesus Christ where you increase faith, repent, keep covenants and follow the spirit.
My favorite talks included:
Dieter F Uchtdorf - We need to simplify 
Larry R Lawrence - Ask for the spirit to help you improve
Quentin L Cook - Increasing happiness
Jeffrey R Holland - the major role of the mother and how it is similar to the Saviors
Dieter F Uchtdorf - Daniel's faith
Thomas S Monson - Keep the commandments
Vern P Stanfill - Light in Darkness. How to overcome trials and obstacles using light.
Russell M Nelson - Covenant Keeping Women
Henry B Eyring - Eyring's father's experiences with the spirit.
Devin G Durrant - Ponderizing
David A Bednar - Bassically sustaining the prophets and apostles and a tribute to the last 6 apostles.
As you can see I loved conference. I really enjoyed the new apostles testimonies as well.
Anyways I hope you all enjoyed conference as well and that you will have a great week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher