Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 60 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,
This was a busy busy week. A great one too.
Tuesday Sept 29:
I went on exchanges with a new missionary. IT was a good day. Nothing to exciting happened but overall it was a good day. We made contact with people and set up appointments mostly for the rest of the week.
Wednesday Sept 30:
This was a very busy day. We started the morning off by visiting the family history center with one of our investigators. We got her started on it and to our surprised a lot of her family history was done. She was ecstatic and wants to do more. It was pretty cool. We also did some things to prepare for zone conference on Thursday.
Thursday October 1:
We had a very long zone conference. It lasted from 8-5. The major focus of it all was relying on the spirit. We also had a training on love and how love is a major part of missionary work. If you don't love your companion, investigators, or the members then missionary work becomes a chore. We also talked about how many are called but few are chosen. Really God calls us but we must put forth the effort and progress in order to be chosen. We also talked about one way we can be more obedient and sacrifice something. We also decided to write on post  cards and put it in a giant box. This year my sacrifice I believe will be pretty hard for me. I have decided to give up sugar. This basically means I will stop eating candy and sugar while at home. If a member gives it to me that is fine. I have realized my sugar intake has been very high and need to stop that. So if you could please refrain from sending me sugary items until Christmas that would be great. If you have already sent it that is fine. I will thoroughly enjoy them. I will however except candy for Christmas when this sacrifice ends. I can't deny Christmas candy.
Friday Oct 2:
Friday morning we helped out with a food bank at a King Soopers. basically we passed out bags and people would go in and fill them up with food for a food bank. It was cool besides the fact that the store manager had no idea we were supposed to be there. A little drama there. It makes life interesting. We did meet a lot of cool people though. In fact one woman came up and asked if we could help out with another service project she does. The rest of the day was planning and unfortunately we were both under the weather. I am feeling fine now, but Elder Armenta has a cold.
Saturday-Sunday Oct 3:
This was an amazing General Conference. I really enjoyed the speakers and found that I was putting a star next to most everyone's talk with an MP3 so I can listen to them later. I noticed the themes of Increasing faith, following the spirit, keeping the commandments, enjoying the gospel, and The role of woman and parents. There was a sense of going back to the principles. Basically the gospel of Jesus Christ where you increase faith, repent, keep covenants and follow the spirit.
My favorite talks included:
Dieter F Uchtdorf - We need to simplify 
Larry R Lawrence - Ask for the spirit to help you improve
Quentin L Cook - Increasing happiness
Jeffrey R Holland - the major role of the mother and how it is similar to the Saviors
Dieter F Uchtdorf - Daniel's faith
Thomas S Monson - Keep the commandments
Vern P Stanfill - Light in Darkness. How to overcome trials and obstacles using light.
Russell M Nelson - Covenant Keeping Women
Henry B Eyring - Eyring's father's experiences with the spirit.
Devin G Durrant - Ponderizing
David A Bednar - Bassically sustaining the prophets and apostles and a tribute to the last 6 apostles.
As you can see I loved conference. I really enjoyed the new apostles testimonies as well.
Anyways I hope you all enjoyed conference as well and that you will have a great week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher