Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 62 - Highlands Ranch

Lorenzo and me.
It was a really great week.
Tuesday Oct 13: 14 Month Mark
This was the best day of the week. We started the day off with a church tour with one of our investigators. She really enjoyed it and even said that maybe she will be baptized. It was awesome because there was the Relief Society President with us. We then went out with Lorenzo whom is going on mission soon. He took us out to get some Pho and then we went and tried some people we found a few weeks back and gave a Book of Mormon too. An Indian man answered the door and we explained that we gave a Book of Mormon to his wife. He said, "Please come in, we love that book" They had read to Jacob and loved the Book of Mormon. We taught them the first lesson and they said they would love to come to church and be baptized. We had to teach them very simply because they are Hindu but you could tell they knew the Book of Mormon was true even though they might not understand it. That is one of the great things about the Book of Mormon, it carries the spirit with it. Just be reading its pages one can come to understand the truth. We ended the day off by having a Family Home Evening with a family who has a non-member living with them.
Service project at the Poulsons
Highlands Ranch District

Wednesday Oct 14:
It was a slow day but we got out and tracted and found a lot of potential investigators. It seems as though the work is moving forward here, finally.
Thursday Oct 15:
We had a very good District Meeting. We have three missionaries going home, Elder Rindlisbacher our district leader, Elder Dean, and Sister Smith. They are all great missionaries and I will miss them. I have the district photo attached. The rest of the day was pretty much the same as the previous day.
Friday Oct 16:
It was a long day. We had weekly Planning and ended up helping a member move out. It was fun because they used to do housing for the mission and I stayed in their home the first night in my mission. They took us out to Cafe Rio afterwards which is always great.
Saturday Oct 17:
We woke up and helped the Poulsons move some more. They had two trailers and we basically played tetris to see how much we could fit on there. We fit a ton. I'm surprised how much we got on there. Then we knocked some more doors.
Sunday Oct 18:
On Sunday morning we got a call from our mission President. It turns out that this next transfer that I will leave and follow-up train. Elder Armenta will be staying. I am excited to do this. It reminds me of when I follow-up trained Elder Young. I feel a lot more prepared now. Church was really great. The Falcon Park ward sacrament meeting was very good. There was a sister who got up and gave a wonderful talk on repentance. She likened sin to a wound. Repentance heals the wound but leaves a scar. You can always say that you can repent later, however a scar will be left. The scar is the consequences of sin. However she also brought up that when a scar forms the skin around it is tougher. Essentially The consequences of our sins help us to not make the same mistake. When we sin we learn. It is apart of life. However if you don't repent than the wound will be left open. You should try and stay away from sin thought because no one likes a scar. It was a really good talk. I then got to say goodbye to some people and start packing.
It has been a very hard area, but I have learned a lot of lessons. I learned that I need to listen to the sweet music of the Gospel rather than just do the dance steps. I learned that I can improve and shouldn't expect the work to move faster because I work harder. True success is hard to measure.
I hope you all have a great week. I will send my new address next week when I get to my new area.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin Pulsipher