Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 64 - Montrose

Hello Everyone,
This was a great week. I will try and keep this short because I don't have too much time.
Tuesday Oct 27:
I had my first opportunity to go out to the beautiful part of my area. This is Ridgway and Ouray. I will be sending a ton of pictures today. While there we taught some lessons and did some tracting. A lot of people there go there for a vacation. It was a lot of driving but very beautiful. We also found some strong potentials.
Elder Forrest and I in Ouray
Wednesday Oct 28:We had a great day of teaching people. We have a lot of people we teach on a regular basis. We also taught Tom and invited him to be baptized. He said he would think about it. It is so cool to see the change in him in just a week. He is a lot more happy and even says he is too. We also have a recent convert family we are teaching. They are awesome and we have great discussions with them.
Thursday Oct 29:
We had a zone meeting and then went out to Ridgway. We spent a lot of time traveling. There are a lot of people who live far out there. From our dinner to our next appointment was an hour long driving on dirt roads in the dark. There are also a lot of deer which makes it interesting. Don't worry I am very cautious and drive slow. Once again we had a lot of people to teach that day.
Friday Oct 30:
Friday was an interesting day. It started to get very cold. We had a full day of plans but every single person cancelled on us. This happens though. One highlight was the Trunk or Treat. We had a ton of people there. We even had some less-actives and non-members  come. We had a great family show up early and even help set up. We also decided to decorate our trunk. There should be a picture attached. We won the funnest trunk award. It was tons of fun and great to see so many people there.
Elder Forrest and I with Mt. Sneffles
Saturday  Oct 31: Halloween
It was a good day. We visited some people and knocked some doors. We also invited some of our investigators to a baptism of a little boy in the ward. It was a great baptism but unfortunately no one was able to come. Halloween is an interesting holiday because we really cant be out knocking doors once trick or treaters come out which was about 4:00PM. (which in my opinion is really early). So we spent the evening at a members house.

Sunday November 1:
We had an excellent day. We got a new ward Mission Leader who seems like he knows what he is doing and some other leadership changes. We also did some tracting and met a really nice man who went on about his entire life. It was quite interesting. He said we could come back. I think that sometimes we just need to listen rather than talk. In this case I feel if we talked he wouldn't have let us come back but he trusted that he could open up and talk about himself because we listened.
Monday November 2:
Today was a very interesting day. Just so you know I got an in-grown toenail again and had it removed this morning. It went quite well. We also went golfing with a non-member husband of a great woman in our ward. Elder Forrest loves golfing and because I couldn't walk I got to watch. I actually enjoyed it. The man was very nice and easy to get along with as well.
Anyways that is my week I hope you all have a great week.
Ouray is a small town surrounded by giant mountains

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher