Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 65 - Montrose

I'm King of the world.
This was a very slow week. Partly because I was recovering from my ingrown toenail. And also because it was the first week it got cold. Which typically means that people cancel and go into hibernation.
Tuesday Nov 3:
It was a slow day. I couldn't walk well so we spent a lot of the day in the car travelling to the far reaches of our area. We started the morning off doing some service. I took it really easy, cutting some wood for a member. We then had a few appointments and tried people all day long. At one point after lunch we decided to go to a couple members way out there. They are home a lot so we just decided to go without calling. (partly because we didn't have service). We drove for a while when our GPS took us down this dirt road. It kept on taking us down it for about a mile when it got really bumpy and soon a a little canyon started appearing in the middle of the road. I wish I took a picture but it probably was an old Pioneer trail. We eventually got a little stuck and decided to turn around. That is a lot of what our area is like. Anyways it was good day and a little exciting.
Wednesday Nov 4:
It was a slow day and honestly I can't remember what happened. All I remember is that it involved staying in the car most of the day.
Thursday Nov 5:
We went on exchanges on Thursday. I started getting a really bad cramp in my foot for walking on it badly so we stayed home for most of the day so I can ice it. We went through the area book and studied some scriptures. At the end of the day though we taught 3 lessons. They were really great and in one of the lessons our member present brought her kids. He kid was about 10 and he had some really great insights on the Plan of Salvation and could even explain why Nephi had to slay Laban better than we could.
Friday Nov 6:
We had weekly planning which took most of the day. That morning we got a call from someone in the hospital. We went to go give him a blessing. He really appreciated it. That night we had a dinner with a part member family. (whom we went golfing with) We ended up having a discussion on the spirit world and why we needed to be baptized for the dead. It was an interesting discussion and I learned a lot more about the spirit world.
Saturday Nov 7:
I went on another exchange with the Cimmaron elders. It was a great day. I was in there area and we had appointments all day long. We also had stake conference where Elder Rhoades of the Seventy was present. We were warned that we might be called up to bear our testimony. I wasn't but a lot of missionaries were. It was a great conference and he really stressed Sabbath Day Observance (which in case you haven't noticed it is a big push in the church right now). He also stressed Missionary work which was great.
When trying some people we noticed a ledge.
 We took a little break and saw the entire Ridgeway Valley.
Sunday Nov 8:
Sunday was very similar to Saturday with the rest of Conference. We actually had a lot of appointments with members in the evening to share our new Book of Mormon lesson.
That was my week. A very slow week but great none-the-less. It has been getting very cold here and snowed one day this week. I am still Loving this area and my Companion Elder Forrest. Well I hope you all have a great week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher