Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 66 - Montrose/Denver

So this week was very very interesting. Not a typical missionary week.
 Me and the Andersons.
Tuesday Nov 10: 
We had a zone conference where Wilford W Anderson came and visited and spoke. He is a very humble man. He very kind and the things he said connected really well with me. I also got to talk to him briefly about the fact that he knows Grandma and Grandpa Stiles. He says hello by the way. His focus was talking about the spiritual steps that we need to take in order to return to Heavenly Father's presence. It was very good yet simple. Overall it was a great day.  That night we also got to teach the Northey family. They are a really great family that we started teaching. Overall it was a great discussion. We also got our first snow storm and with country roads it makes things very interesting.
Wednesday Nov 11:
We had interviews with President Murdock. It went well. I always enjoy doing interviews with the Murdocks. I also learned some areas I can improve on. Especially planning. The rest of the day I honestly can't remember.
Thursday Nov 12:
We took a trip out to Ridgway. We were busy all day going from place to place. We started the morning out cutting some wood and laying some gravel out for a member and his neighbor. It was a lot of driving in the snow, which means very slow. We also found out that we would be taking a trip to Denver. Elder Forrest had a Dr.s appointment out in Commerce City which is outside the mission on the other side.
A great view of Mt. Sneffles and canyon.
Friday Nov 13:
We woke up and got in the car. It is very very odd making a road trip as a missionary. It was beautiful. The roads were great but we got to see the mountains covered in snow. We also got stuck in stand still traffic throughout the day. We finally got to Commerce City at 2PM. The appointment went well. We then made our way to the mission office, Kohls to pick up Elder Forrest a Jacket and then on the way to the mission home. We were planning on staying there where there were beds and food, but on our way there we got a call from the Assistants that sister missionaries were staying there. That was a predicament because we then had to find elders we could stay with and navigate without a GPS. We also didn't have a place to eat so we went to Cafe Rio. Right as I was about to pay someone came up and paid for our food. It was funny because we later found out there was a temple trip some people made and they were at Cafe Rio. It was a tender mercy from God. We felt so blessed. That night we went to stay with my trainer Elder Clark, Elder Taviuni, and Elder Didrickson. We slept on the floor which wasn't as fun.
Saturday Nov 14:
We drove back. Got Altitude sickness (at least that is what we thought because we were wiped out with headaches.
Sunday Nov 15:
We had a great Sunday Service. It is funny the lessons you learn in church. I was distracted and really wasn't paying attention to the speakers but however during sacrament meeting I received some personal revelation that had nothing to do with the talks. Church is an amazing place to go to on a regular basis, one for the sacrament, and two for personal revelation.
Anyways I hope you all had a great week. I just hope we don't have to go to Denver and back any time soon.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher