Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 72 - Montrose

This was a great week. Of course it was Christmas which made it really good.
Wednesday Dec 23:
We had a long and eventful evening. We made a ton of Christmas cards for people in the area and went around and gave them out that night. We were driving on this country road out to a less-active. We noticed the lights off at his house, so just decided to drop it on the doorstep. When we got up the hill there were some teenagers up there. They were scared and freaking out. They explained that they were being followed and that they went up to the house to see if anyone was home. We looked out on the road and sure enough there was someone parked out there in an awkward spot. We told them to call the police and waited with them. We also calmed them down. When the police came, they were very confused why there were two mormon missionaries standing there. We explained what happened and they let us go. Right after that we were driving to our next destination when we saw a mountain lion run across the road. I was stoked. You don't hardly ever see them that close and live.
Thursday Dec 24: Christmas Eve
It was a good day. We started off the morning with a great district meeting. My district leader and I trained on Justice and Mercy. I gave a training/game where it was a court case. It was detailed but essentially we had Mr. Incredible accused for killing someone but saving 80 people in the process. The idea was to illustrate that he deserved mercy but justice needed to be enacted. Right after me Elder Ostlund, (district leader, one of my favorite elders) talked about how Jesus Christ is the Mediator that allows Mercy and Justice to work together, rather than being opposite forces.
After that we went on a temporary exchange to get some presents for each other. We had dinner with the Woodlands. It was great. We decorated ginger bread houses and did some ridiculous activities afterwards.
Friday Dec 25: Christmas
We woke up to about 11 inches of snow. I woke up around 5:15. Other elders, (Ostlund and Schmidtke) came over to open up presents with us. It was fun and not as lonely as last year. Right after that we went over to their place (they live with a member) to eat breakfast, after which we went to go skype with family. It was great. I enjoyed it the most this time around. It was great to see family and to catch up. Due to the weather we had to cancel our dinner which was far away up in the mountains a little bit. They got over a foot of snow and our little car wouldn't make it, so we ended up having Christmas dinner with the Thuns in the Cimmaron ward. That night we went caroling with the sisters (was going to be most of the district but everyone backed out). Overall it was a great Christmas.
Saturday and Sunday were frankly uneventful. We did however visit with some people who went silent so we will hopefully be teaching them again.
Thanks for all the cards and gifts. This was a great Christmas and I hope you all had a great one to.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher