Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 73 - Montrose

Just outside ouray in our area
Hello everyone,
We had a great week. Things are finally starting to pick up a little here.
I lost my planner so I honestly dont remember day by day so here are some highlights.
Tom is doing well. He is progressing and is getting closer to the truth. He has opened up a lot more and has started asking more questions.

Puzzle I got for Christmas and a few other presents 
We have been working with a Bill. He is a less active that after a serious car accident started to meet with missionaries. He has an interesting story. Since then he has gone through what would seem many awful things, including cancer. However he sees the blessings in it and has shown me the hand of God in someones life. He prays more than any person I know. It is interesting how a person grows closer to God when humbling experiences happen.

The gingerbread house is a temple
I have been studying the Old Testament and came across the Story of Gideon. It honestly is one of my favorite scriptural stories, and is a lesson that was taught in Sunday School when I came home for the summer. It is a story of a week man who becomes a powerful hero by relying on God. I believe I like it because you see his weaknesses and how he overcomes them. The story is found in Judges 6-8.
Just outside ouray in our area
On Thursday we had a huge mission tour. All the Assistants and the entire western slope come together for a meeting on Planning and the goals for the mission and the new year. It has helped a ton to be more focused. The meeting also introduced new standards of Excellence which are provided to help us become better missionaries. I honestly haven't liked them in the past because they changed so much but this time it was all focused on progressing people to baptism. We also had a huge push to keep the morning schedule exactly which has been very helpful.

Honestly that is pretty much the entire week. It has been very cold here but no more snow. I hope you all have a great new year. With this new year it has been more apparant that I go home in August. It flies by.

Till next time, Elder Dallin S Pulsipher