Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 75 - Highlands Ranch

Hi Everyone,

 Elder Legler and I
So I am back in Highlands Ranch. I honestly saw this coming because of a pattern I have noticed in my mission.

1 transfer in Columbine
3 transfers in Grand Junction
3 transfers in Columbine
1 transfer in Grand Junction

1 year mark

2 transfers in Highlands Ranch
2 transfers in Montrose
and now I am in Highlands Ranch. It is almost always an area touching the previous area. According to pattern I will be here two or Three and finish up in Montrose. Just wait it will happen.

The Liberato-Hall family

I am with Elder Derek Legler. I was so happy when I found this out because he is an awesome elder I have served around my entire mission. He helped me get through the tough time I was having in Highlands Ranch last time I was here. We have been working well together and he has had a lot of similar trials I have gone through. This will probably be my favorite companionship.

I am in the Spring Gulch/Saddle Ranch wards. They include the richest of the rich, but the members are all very nice. We are living with a single man Brother Wells. He is really nice and it feels like a home. We both plan to work a lot with members and helping them share the gospel with friends. When I was here last I found out that that is the only way to do it here in Highlands Ranch. I'm glad he agrees with the approach. I have also found that smiling through it all makes you have a different perspective about things. You are more positive. I have been trying to smile all the time since I have been here.

Us and Tom
A lot of this week involved cleaning and getting ready for the transfer. We also had a chance to teach a few people. Some people are really close to baptism as well. One is Monica. Her father is a recent convert and is on fire in the gospel. She has seen the change in her father and wants that for herself. Another is Daniel who wants to get baptized but is waiting for parents permission.

The Hall family
On Saturday we had an awesome experience to do something for the Young Women. They had a goal to read the Book of Mormon in 2 days. They broke it up in different ways and one of the ways they did it is by having people come in to do things. They asked us to do Alma 46 where Moroni made the Title of Liberty. I took an old shirt and wrote Phoenician and Greek words on the back (got the characters from this cool little pamphlet I found on the history of the alphabet) of the shirt and put it on with a tie. I was also wearing another shirt and tie underneath. So when that part came in the chapter. I ripped off the shirt with buttons flying everywhere and put it on a pole and raised it up. They all laughed because I had another shirt and tie on underneath. We then had them rip up paper shirts  and through them in a pile. (because the people do that in the story. It was fun and was an instant trust builder for the ward.

This morning I learned a little about how God works. We were reviewing these white boards in the apartment. As we were doing it we came across a name, Heather, that Elder Legler had never heard before. Shortly after we got a call from the Elder's Quorum President asking us to help move a former investigator move some things, whose name was Heather. It is interesting that God had prepared us with that name. We had something else planned, but when the name was heard we went right there.

Anyways I am excited to be here with Elder Legler in Highlands Ranch. We are going to make this transfer a great transfer. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher