Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 77 - Highlands Ranch

Just Me
Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a great week. This was very slow, but it is mostly because we are changing our approach to missionary work.
Tuesday Jan 26:
IT was a good day. We stayed busy trying people. In the morning we helped out some other elders move out of an apartment. It was actually the apartment I was living in when I was here in Highlands Ranch last. Other than that it was a normal day.
Wednesday Jan 27:
It was a great day. We have been helping some members paint some of their house. I found that I am a good painter in comparison to some other elders. We also decided to make some muffins for Monika and her family. Satan has been working hard on them to try and make it so Monika doesn't get baptized, so we have been working hard to have daily contact. Other than that is was a normal day.
This is the color order of a a color blind person. Me
Thursday Jan 28:
This was a jam packed day. We had a zone conference. It went really well. It was one of the best and most spirit
filled zone conferences. It was about prayer, working with members, and being converted to our purpose as a missionary. It went over the foundations really. It was the perfect thing for us. That night we had two member lessons and a lesson with Monika on the Plan of Salvation. It was a powerful message. One thing I have been noticing lately, now that I have been out a while, is that I have been able to discern the needs of my investigators and everyone I teach a lot more. It was a goal I had for this year, to be more intune with the spirit. It is awesome how if we set thoughtful and serious goals and ask for God's help to accomplish them, he will help you. One suggestion though, if you plan on asking God to humble you, good luck.
Friday Jan 29:
Elder Legler was ill. He has a lot of congestion in his face in general and had vertigo. If you don't know what that is, it is basically where your world spins around you. Needless to say it was a slow day.
Saturday Jan 30:
We had a great weekly planning session. We discussed the needs of our area and what we can do differently to help it. We realized that this last week we were only focusing on member work. As a missionary you need to balance a little of everything. Such as working with Less-actives, former investigators, finding, etc. My mission has taught me a lot about being really organized. If you aren't you will forget something. especially while covering two wards.
Sunday Jan 31:
It snowed. In fact they have predicting a huge storm. However whatever they predict in Colorado, it will always be wrong. It is still snowing, but not like how they said it will be. We went nonstop all day long.
6:30 - wake up and get ready
7:15 - Coordination meeting
7:30 - Priesthood Executive and Family Council
9:00 - Church
11:30 - Coordination meeting
12:00 - Lesson with Monika
1:00 - Sang in Sacrament meeting with Elder legler
2:00 - Splits with High Priest
3:00 - Back to church for fifth sunday meeting
4:00 - Dinner
6:00 - Went and met a Recent Convert in our ward. 
7:00 - Family History activity with Youth
8:00 - member lesson with Taylors.
Overall it was a great week, but slow near the beginning.
Also, there has been a change in my coming home date, because the MTC has extended the length you are there, I will be coming home a week later. August 17. However if school starts close to that, I might be able to come home on my original date. I will know more when it gets closer. So I will be serving a 105 week mission.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher