Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 78 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,

It was a stressful but amazing week. 

Tuesday Feb 2:
It snowed a ton. It snowed about 13 inches and we were told not to drive our car. So we went around and

shovelled driveways. We started by walking to an elderly investigator of ours. She was greatful for our help to shovel. Someone offered us lunch, so we went back. However along the path we ended up shoveling about 6 peoples driveways as well. It was funny because they were all strong promptings. The first man even said that we can come back and teach him. By the end of the day we were out of energy. Luckily we had a lesson with Monika which is my favorite part of missionary work.

Wednesday Feb 3:
It was a good day. We had 3 lessons. The first was with a Daniel, who is waiting until he is 18 to get baptized. We talked about the modern day prophets and watched a documentary on President Thomas S. Monson. We then had a lesson with a recently married couple where the husband got baptized not to long ago, and then a lesson with a member lesson with a bro Tingey.

Thursday Feb 4:
We had a good district meeting where we talked, the entire time, about our investigators. We got some useful ideas to help our investigators progress. Other than that it was a fairly slow day, with a lesson with Monika and an appointment with one of our bishops. After those appointments we both felt as if this has been one of our favorite wards on our missions. We also have felt very succesful regardless of the outward appearance of success. We have helped the wards get very excited about missionary work, and have acted as a coordinator of member missionary work. It has been very effective.

Friday Feb 5:
This is where the stress comes in. It however was a very spiritual day. I won't go into to much detail for privacy, but someone we are teaching had a meltdown and felt way to overwhelmed because Satan has been pushing very very hard. They said it seemed like to much. What followed was constant promptings of the spirit to do things to help them. Such as having the entire zone pray for them and sending scriptures, telling them to find a quiet place to pray, etc. We felt devastated that this was happening. When we needed and they needed comfort the most, it came. We got a text from a sister in the ward we both haven't met, which said in essence thank you for the musical number last Sunday, it really helped. Soon thereafter we got a text from the person we teach which said that they found peace and did what we had said. Overall it was a stressful day but was full of spiritual experiences. This was this persons trial of faith, which is almost always followed by amazing experiences.

Saturday Feb 6:
We spent the day planning because of what happened on Friday. We did however help someone put some carpet in.

Sunday Feb 7:
This was a great day. One of the best on my mission. We found out during sacrament meeting that we were teaching the gospel principles class on Repentance. We had forgotten. I'm pretty sure the spirit taught that lesson because we did not plan at all. It ended up being a very good lesson. Afterwards we did something with the Young Women to help them prepare for missions. We then had the second ward and then Monika's Baptismal interview. I don't know why, but I was more nervous than her. President Murdock eventually invited us into the room. The spirit was thick. He said that at points he felt as if he was interviewing a member. She is an amazing person who knows the gospel well. He said she passed and is ready to be baptized next Saturday. He also thanked us there and afterwards for the teaching, he could tell that we had worked hard and taught her well. This brought a lot of peace and joy to me helping me understand I am fulfilling my purpose her and being an effective instrument in the Lord's hand. I wish you all could have seen her face when she left and in that room. Light was emanating from her.

Another interesting development was I missed a very historical event. The 50th Super Bowl happened where the Denver Broncos were playing and won, while I was at a Super Bowl party in the other room playing a board game with some kids as a missionary in Denver. Few people can say that. I didn't see a single thing of that game, but I could tell who was winning from the noises in the other room. They basically told us to go around and just go to Super Bowl Parties.

It was a great week. I hope you all have a great week as well.

Some points of advice.

To win people's hearts you must do two things.
  1. Wear the team colors (we both wore Bronco color ties, everyone at church loved it)
  2. Sing for others.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher