Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 79 - Highlands Ranch

Elder McDaniel (who found her), Elder Legler,
 Ernie, Monika, Kjersti and me
This was an amazing week. A lot happened.
Tuesday Feb 9:
We started the morning off by taking our car in to get repaired. It was making a really loud noise in the engine. We took it into the dealership and then got a ride home to put our bikes together. I was wiped out by the end of that evening. We were going non-stop from place to place. We had a lesson with Monika to show her the font. We talked about temples and family history. It is exciting because her dad and step mom are working at being sealed together and hopefully she will get to join them in about a year.
Wednesday Feb 10:
At about 9:00 we went with some members to breakfast with an elderly lady who has investigated for a while. Her name is Eudie Charnes. She was in the film business and was a production manager for a lot of movies. She helped with Escape from Alcatraz. Amazing lady and really funny. We then went to a doctors appointment and got our car back. The rest of the day was just a normal day of missionary service.
Thursday Feb 11:
District meeting started the day off. I gave a training on finding people(which I am not good at). I focused on using the skills and talents we have all been given and the ways we are the best at to find people. We all have unique talents and abilities that we were sent to this mission (or are placed in certain situations) to help and bless others lives. I have been very good at teaching people and singing and inviting the spirit. I can relate to people really well and this has helped me do missionary work.
Later that day we met Jade. She is a very interesting lady. She has met with missionaries in the past. She is spot on in a lot of beliefs but just has different vocabulary to it. She has christain, muslim, and buddist background which gives her a unique perspective on religion. She has somehow been able to find the truth within all of these. She believes that ignorance is bad and wants to know more about our faith. I'm excited to start teaching her.
That night we had a great lesson with Monika. She is getting baptized on Saturday. We bore our testimonies and shared a little more about how the church runs. She is so ready, so ready that our mission president met her said that she understands the atonement better than any investigator he has ever met.
Friday Feb 12:
It was our planning day. It was long and not much happened. I think a lot of it has to do with Monika's baptism being so close.

Saturday Feb 13: 18 month Mark  | 74% through.
Monika's baptism was amazing. Our ward mission leader Bro Smith has been the best ward mission leader I have ever had. He put together the program and ran it without us having to do anything. The spirit was strong and Her smile was priceless. Our mission president and his first counselor were there. They really enjoyed being there and feeling the spirit. We also had two investigators. We had sister Charnes and Daniel who is waiting to get baptized once he is 18. President Murdock got to meet Daniel and they had a good conversation. Daniel actually helped Monika accept baptism when we took him to a lesson and he bore his testimony on Baptism.
P-Day fun making Legos
It is for moments like this that I went on a mission for. The joy that you feel in the gospel is multiplied by helping others find the gospel as well. When your investigator repents. You repent along with them. When they grow, You grow. As you teach, you are taught. A mission is for other people, but also for you. There would be no reason why Heavenly Father would send young men and women who just got out in the world on mission except he wanted them to learn and to grow.
Sunday Feb 14: Valentine's Day
It was another great day. 
During the first sacrament meeting. Monika was confirmed and Elder Legler and I sang. It went really well and it was a powerful meeting. The second sacrament meeting was interesting. We had 7 people from another congregation join our sacrament meeting. They have been taking a class on mormonism and to end it came to our church service. Sister Murdock spoke and repeated a similar talk she had given to us missionaries a while back on the Atonment. It was the best talk I had ever heard on it. Afterwards we did a Q and A with President Murdock and the Stake President. It went very well. They asked a question about divorce in our church. I got to share a little of my experience of having remarried parents and how well we are doing now. Overall it went very well.
Also Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday Feb 15:
My Lego collection
It was a good Preperation day. We played with Legos, which is our favorite P-Day activity. That night we went from one house to another doing member lessons and getting a lot of referrals.
IT was a great week. I realized this weekend that I love being a missionary and don't want to go home. Luckily I have 6 months. We were also told that we will be staying together because of our good work here for another transfer. Elder Legler is going to finish up his last transfer in this area. We feel a lot will happen in the next 8 week. Transfers are the 22, and it might change. Also this next transfer will be 7 weeks long rather than 6 because they moved the MTC time up to three weeks which has pushed all transfer dates back one week. which means I come home on August 17.
I hope you all have a great week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher