Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 81 - Highlands Ranch

Eudie, Elder Legler and I
Hello everyone,
This was a very slow week. Elder Legler was ill with a really bad sinus infection.
This week we did however have 8 member lessons. We have been going into member homes and teaching them one of our lessons and then tie it into misisonary work. If we feel the joy from this gospel the only way we can receive much more is by sharing the gospel. We have been having the members think of someone specifically that they could invite to do something. Really anything. It could be to come over for dinner or FHE. We have started to see success with this. Even though we might not be teaching all of these people the members are opening up a lot more. One family has set up a monthly family home evening with some neighbors. Another has been inviting their friends and complete strangers to come to church and to have them over for dessert.
This week we actually were able to start teaching some new people. Sometimes after a baptism the work can slow down, but luckily it has picked up.
We had a stake conference this weekend where Wilford W Anderson came. I love him. He gives some amazing guidance. He talked about covenants and ordinanaces. He also talked about parenting and missionary work. Overall it was a very boosting and a great learning experience.
We also visit a lady named Eudie. She is an amazing lady and we refer to her as our grandma. She has an amazing life and loves the church. We are trying to help her understand the importance of baptism.

Elder Legler is also feeling better now so this next week should be pretty good.
I wish I had more to report but honestly it was a slow week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher