Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 92 - Highlands Ranch, CO

Hello Everyone,
I have 12 weeks left. It is crazy. Time has flown by and I will definitely miss my mission. We got transfer news and
I will be staying here with Elder Armistead. Which might mean I will finish here. We get a new mission president this Transfer, President and Sister Gifford. Typically changes are not made when this happens.
This was a good week. I still couldn't find my planner until Sunday when a member gave it to me so I will just give highlights as opposed to the usual.
We met a lot of new people this week. In fact yesterday some members picked up a hitchhiker (not suggesting you ever do this) and brought him to their house. He was interested in hearing about the gospel so they called us up and we taught him. He was a very nice man is was on his way to rifle. We taught a great lesson on the Restoration.
We got a lot of referrals from members this week too. Which is great because the members are starting to catch the fire of missionary work. We did a lot with the youth this week. We helped out with a graduation party. We met a lot of people. We also took some youth out with us as well. 

The work here is going good, it is slow but is on the spiral up which is all that matters. I know that working with members can take a while but it is so worth it because it is more productive, better results but more importantly the members, missionaries, and non-members all can feel the spirit of missionary work and the joy this gospel brings.
We had a zone conference on Wednesday. It was great. The best talk was given by sister Murdock, who talked about what it will be like at home. She said that she felt she needed to train on how to live a life of discipleship back home. The suggestions she gave I want to apply when I get back. We also heard from our counselor in our mission presidency who is doing an intense procedure soon to help get rid of MS. We hope the best for him.
Other than that it was a slow week because it was the last week of school here.
I am glad I am staying. It is hard here but I have found a lot of joy. I hope you all have a great week.
Till next time,  Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 91 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,
This was a great week. Very busy too.
Tuesday May 3:
We spent the morning baking cookies for people. We got these two new pamplets on Family and

 and Serving and Learning in the Church, so we made cookies and dropped them off to our investigators with the pamphlets. That night we took a young man out, Bro Foulkman. It was great, we talked to some people and helped get him excited about his mission, which he is getting his call this week.
Wednesday May 4:
It was a good day with doing service at Sister Engles, teaching Eudie, and trying by some former investigators. That evening we went out with Bro Rich, who is a priest. We got to teach the Bullocks, who are some members and practice with Bro Rich for his mission. IT was a great lesson and he did an amazing job teaching. He loved coming out. It feels good to give a good experience to these young men who are preparing for a mission.
Thursday May 5:
When I got home I was exhausted. I went on an exchange with Elder Baughn and they were on bikes. Their area has the largest hills in Highlands Ranch and it hurt. We had a great day though. We talked to a lot of people and taught some random lessons. While we were biking around our car got taken away. They need more cars out in Grand Junction so they took our car, because we have a small area, and we are now back on bikes. I like it though. You come home very tired, but it allows you to talk to more people and you get great exercise.
Friday May 6: 
It was a very busy day. We did weekly planning but also helped out with Mormon Prom. It is a huge thing here. Most students are more excited for Mormon Prom than their school Prom. We helped set up for a dinner party beforehand which was Marti Gras themed. I helped design a logo for it that they are going to use year after year. They really went all out. That night we went to a movie night for the Spring Gulch ward. We helped man a candy station with the bishopric while trying to keep our eyes off of Kunfu Panda. Luckily we left early to go to the Mormon Prom Party. We talked to a lot of people. About 50% of the people there were non-mormons. They had Crawdads and ice cream catering and tons and tons of stuff. After everyone left we helped set up. By the time we got home we were wiped out.

Saturday May 7:
We helped out with an Eagle Scout Project for Adam and Young man in the ward. We dug out a little at a school and placed rocks along a path. We also dug deep deep holes and put benches in with Cement. It was fun and a great opportunity to connect with the youth and ward members.
I think after this week my favorite calling would be in Young Mens. Elder Armistead and I also had a mild argument. He was venting a lot, but it is interesting how through this and by the end of the argument we had a heart to heart. He is one of my favorite companions now. It is true that arguments can lead you to grow closer to each other, because you get out what needs to be said.
Sunday May 8:
It was an excellent day. At church we taught unexpectedly Gospel Principles and then taught in Priests Quorum about Scriptures. We noticed a lot of young men on their phones so we told them to put their phones on the table at the beginning and if anyone touches it they have to teach the rest of the lesson. It worked well. The second ward sacrament meeting was great. Their were three great talks one of which was Daniels. He gave an amazing talk on his experience and how he feels about everything. He is going through a bump right now and is trying to stay strong. We all go through these, so we need to make sure that we stay strong and anchor ourselves in the Gospel of Jesus Christ not other things.
Ultimately the best part of the day was Skyping home. It went very well. Probably my favorite one. It was simple short and sweet. I also got to meet my niece. It is odd to think that the next time I see everyone will be at the Airport.
That night we had a great dinner with the Bartons and the Whipples. I went great.
I love you and miss you all. I hope that you all have a great week. Keep moving forward.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 90 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,
This was a good week. It snowed and rained a lot.

Tuesday April 26:
Our Zone
We started the day off with going to a Food Drive at the Pax Christi Church. I was put under Chicken duty, which meant I passed out a ton of bags of frozen chicken. It is interesting how you can tell who really needs the help and who is getting it because it is free. It is sad to see some people be very very picky and a little entitled to better food and more of it. IT reminded me of a talk given in conference about how when a person is given stuff without work people will bcome more entitled but when we have to work for something we not only feel better about ourselves but also have humility.
Wednesday April 27:
We had a zone meeting. It went well. We talked about fear and faith and also got some useful ideas about how to fill our day. It was a good day. That evening we did a youth activity with some priests and Daniel (who is a kid we are teaching who is waiting for permission to get baptized from his parents. He is considered the most active priest in the ward. He is awesome) about missionary work. It went really well. I always enjoyed doing things like this with the youth.
Thursday and Friday April 28 and 29:
These were two slow days. We did some service. Tried by some people and brought out a priest with us. We have been working a lot with the youth lately. We try to bring two or three Young men out a week. Basically these two days were normal days, nothing too exciting.
Elder Armistead with his fungus. He put water,
epson salt (which I am allergic too) and clorox in a bucket.
Saturday April 30:
We had a good day. We tried by a lot of people. I actually wasn't feeling too well though. I was just very weak and I think my body was just fighting something off. However we stayed busy. Other than that is was a normal day.
Sunday May 1:
This was a very exciting day. The Spring Gulch ward was great with some great testimonies. We then went to the Saddle Ranch ward. People were there very early because we got a new bishopric. The entire bishopric was released and a completely new one was called in. It is sad to see this bishopric released since they were doing such a great job but I am excited to see this new bishopric and to work with them. Their testimonies were amazing. That night was good with three member lessons as well.
Work here is moving slow, but it has been good. I really love these two wards and it has been great working with Elder Armistead. He can be very hyper and sometimes we annoy each other, but we are very open with each other and resolve them, which makes us work well together
Well I hope you all have a great week and accomplish great things. I can't wait to see some of you on Mother's Day.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 89 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,
This was a good week.
Monday April 18:
That night
we had dinner with the Burys and watched Meet the Mormons with the Gilmours, a part member family. It was great.
Tuesday and Wednesday April 19 and 20:
These two days weren't too eventful days. We have been going through our area book trying to visit many of the former investigators which did not have any reason why they were dropped. Many of them have moved since. On Wednesday we did some service for Sister Engle who has enough projects for us to do until she is 110 years old. She is an amazing lady. While over there we helped a man cut down some trees from the last storm and throw them in a burn pile. When he first met us he thought we were amish and couldn't use electronics. I guess he didn't see the car we drove up in. We laughed. He was a very nice man and used to live in Sacramento.  That night I was asked to create a logo for a Mormon Prom. Basing it off the GoPro logo. It was fun and they greatly
appreciated it.
Thursday April 21:
We had district meeting where I trained on getting referrals. That night we had dinner with Mike and then had a short lesson afterwards on baptism. He is so close. We had been fasting and praying that his heart would be softened. We can't wait to see him and his wife be sealed together. We know it will happen some day.
Friday April 22:
We had a little road trip. We went up to commerce city to visit Dr. Joseph Smith. It was about an hour drive. I was getting a checkup appointment. We ran into a lot of traffic especially on the way back. Because traffic was so bad we took a slightly longer route which took us right by the Colorado Rapids Stadium. It was cool, we got out a looked a little.
Saturday April 23:
It was a beautiful day. We started the morning off with a ward walk. The entire ward got together for a walk with breakfast burritos and donuts. We ended up with a lot of that food. If I weigh 300 pounds when I get home it is burritos fault. Other than that We did service for some service missionaries who are over the building grounds. The rest of the day was slow.
Sunday April 24:
This was a great Sunday. I was just very very tired for some reason. It was Elder Armisteads first Sunday at church and he got to know a lot of members. That night we participated in a Bishop vs youth seminary challange. They basically have a competition on who can do better at Old Testament Trivia. I was surprised by how well I did. After that we went to a misisonary call opening. This young man who is a great missionary is going to Milan Italy. It was exciting.
Well that was our week. I hope you all have a great week as well.
Till next time,

Week 88 - Highlands Ranch

Elder Armistead
This was a great week.
Monday April 11:
This was Elder Legler's last day. It was great. We had a lesson with Monika, and visited a lot of members. We actually at one point locked our keys our church library, so that was a little adventure.
Tuesday April 12:
We woke up early and I drove to the mission office. I said goodbye to Elder Legler and then left with Elder
Once there was a Snowman
Armistead. He is originally from Australia just outside of Sydney and moved to Conneticut when he was 10. So he has a very interesting accent. He is awesome though. He has been out about a year and is excited to work hard. He is funny and our personalities go well together so It will be good. We actually helped decorate for this Teacher Appreciation dinner that is a huge thing in Highlands Ranch. It looked great. I wish I had taken pictures.
Wednesday April 13:We spent the day talking about the area and just introducing Elder Armistead to members. That night we went to an missionary call opening. The young man is going to Argentina. It was fun and reminded me of my call opening a year ago. It really is an exciting thing.
Thursday April 14:We had our first district meeting. It is a small district this transfer but it will be a fun one. We had a great meeting where we really connected. Highlands Ranch in general is one of the hardest areas. to serve in Colorado. However lately we have been doing really well. So we have some exciting things on the horizon.
We also had a chance to visit with Mike. He has come a long way. Him and his family are amazing and they are really in tune with the spirit. He is so close to accepting baptism hopefully this week during a lesson we will invite him again. We are fasting that day to hopefully be guided as to what to say.
Friday April 15:
We started to weekly plan. We asked a member if Elder Armistead could get a haircut on Monday. She said that it would have to be that day because of a terrible storm that was going to come through. The forecast was counting feet of snow not inches. It actually started that night. We had a very busy day luckily and had a lot of appointments before the storm.
Saturday April 16:
We woke up to about a 9 inches of snow and it was coming down. We helped shovel driveways and finished our weekly planning. Because the flowers and trees are blossoming we had to go outside and knock the snow off the trees or else their limbs would break. As the day progressed it got thicker and thicker. The snow was wet and heavy. So it was a slow day. That night when we got home we decided to build a snowman chair. We built a snowman and then converted it into a chair.
Sunday April 17: Happy Birthday Madeline!
We woke up to about 18 inches of snow. We got a text early saying that church was cancelled. This really disappointed me because I really wanted the Sacrament. Going without the sacrament for a two weeks you notice a difference. You almost yearn for it. We helped a few of the neighbors get their cars unstuck and helped shovel. We however didn't even attempt to move our car until later. Around 2 or 3 the sun finally came out and started to melt the snow. We went to the church to borrow some shovels and it was all dried up on the sidewalks and street. It is crazy how fast the snow can melt here. We had a great dinner and then had two meetings with the bishops. They gave us a lot of work and referrals for this next week, so we are excited. They also asked if I could design something for a Mormon Prom which is a huge event among the high schools here.
It was a great week. Just a lot of snow. It is cloudy today and is cold which really throws you off after having two weeks of beautiful weather. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 87 - Highlands Ranch

Our awesome district.
Hello everyone,
This was a good week. Hard in the middle but good nonetheless

Tuesday April 5th:
It wasn't the best day. We had interviews in the morning with President Murdock and it didn't go very well, so I was bumped the rest of the day. We did however start a tile project. Elder Legler's dad is a tile contractor and he has worked with him a ton. So we got the preparation done.
Wednesday April 6th:
Honestly wasn't a very good day.
Thursday April 7th:
Luckily the week picked up a ton on Thursday. We had a district meeting, Elder Leglers last. We also celebrated peoples birthdays, because we had three that week, with cake and cupcakes. We then went to see Eudie. She is basically the mission Grandma. We had a great evening with a member lesson, a lesson with the Gilmours on The Holy Ghost and a great dinner with the Wagsters.
Friday April 8th: 
 Elder Legler, Daniel and me
It was Elder Legler's 24th Birthday. It ended up being a great day. We took a recently returned missionary out for lunch, whom Elder Legler helped get on a mission. We decided to go to Qdoba, which I get sick everytime we go there, but it was by inspiration. We ran into Monika, who has had a rough time lately. It was great because we set up a time to meet. Today actually. We then had a lesson with Daniel on the Plan of Salvation and what it means for his parents. Interestingly that night he called us up saying he needs some help bearing his testimony, because he wants to bear it on Sunday. So we helped him with that and he did a fantastic job. He is actually giving a talk next Sunday.
Saturday April 9th:
We had a very busy day. We started off by tiling. I mostly stood there and was an assistant but learned a lot about tiling. We then had a lesson with a new investigator Josh. He is agnostic (which means he is unsure about beliefs and God) but was very intrigued by the way we are so tight knit as a church. He also loves the morals we teach. The highlight was of course getting transfer news. Elder Legler is being transferred to the Land of Eternal P-Days (home) and is being paired with his Eternal Companion, Raila (whom he is getting married to in a few months). I am however staying here in the Spring Gulch/Saddle Ranch wards and am being put with Elder Armistead. He is from Australia and is a great missionary. I am excited.
Sunday April 10th:
Sunday was packed. We had meetings, Church, more meetings, and more church. We did get to teach the young women about the Book of Mormon though, We had a great dinner which actually had a ton of dairy in it, for some reason it didn't react. I think I will try and see someone to figure out exactly what I might be allergic to. We went to say goodbye to some people and ultimately went home and Elder Legler started packing.
gilmour family
It is weird to see him go not just be transferred. He has been my favorite companion and has done so many great things for me and for this area. Yes he was a little trunky but I learned a lot from him. I will honestly miss him and plan to keep in contact with him.

Well the weather has been rainy here, which I honestly love. I hope all is well back home and that you all have a great week.
Also the most important thing............ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELINE!
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 86 - Highlands Ranch

This was a very interesting week.
Wednesday Snow while being stuck at the
church building. Thought it would be an
appropriate time for a quick picture

Monday and Tuesday I really don't remember much. Mostly because of what happened on Wednesday. Tuesday was a bright beautiful spring day with the tree starting to bloom.
Wednesday Mar 23:
It snowed about 14 inches. IT was really wet and heavy snow too. We got a text in the morning saying that we should still try and drive. That was a mistake because most of our day was spent digging other missionaries out of snow. We went to the church to practice a special musical number and then got stuck on the way out. The storm was really windy and it was hard to stay out of the car. Luckily some other elders were also at the church and helped us get out. We then headed over to Daniel's (He is an investigator who is waiting to get permission to be baptized, honestly one of the best people I have ever taught) house. He fed us lunch and we watched Meet the Mormons with him and had a lesson. We then got a call saying that three sets of elders got stuck at the church. (think they would have learned from our mistake) We got our ward mission leader to come with us and help push them out. It was honestly fun.
Easter Cake
That night was very interesting. We ended up looking for the son of the member we live with. He was having a hard time and was a drunk and hadn't come home for 7 hours. We looked for him around the entire neighborhood with no luck. Finally he came home and just needed to talk for a few hours. It was an interesting night, but I was happy to be there for him.
Thursday Mar 24:
We started the morning off by retrieving our car from Daniel's place (we left it there the previous day) and then went to a zone meeting. We had a fairly normal day shoveling a little bit. That night we met with Christian, a less active youth in our ward. He is a rebellious kid and really needs help, but loves missionaries. Hopefully we can help him out.
Friday Mar 25:
It was another fairly normal day with weekly planning. I did however get really sick; I think from milk, which I had a lot of that day. I bought some lactaid to hopefully help with it.
Saturday Mar 26:
I went on exchanges with Elder Clark (my trainer). We had a good and busy day shoveling, and teaching some people. IT was a fairly normal day.
Me, Daniel, Elder Blanchard, and Elder McNiven.
helping push out some other elder's cars.
Sunday Mar 27: Easter
It was a great easter. Elder Legler and I sang in the Spring Gulch sacrament meeting with the Murrays. It was funny because I wore a light blue tie and Elder Legler wore a light green tie. When we got there the Murrays were wearing the exact same color. We stood there in alternate order too. It was completely unplanned but worked out very well. We also had Eudie there with us. It was the first time she has come in a while. After both sessions of church we had dinner with the Karren's a great member family (one of the best I have met on my mission) and then went over to Mike's house for desert. He made us this amazing cake. He himself is a cook and works a restaurant on a golf club. We then had a great visit with the Bury's (who made my birthday cake) and sang for them. It was a great Easter.
It was a very exciting week. I am still trying to figure out the lactose thing and I am pretty sure that is it. However on the bright side it is making me eat healthier because most things with milk are very sugary. No more chocolate for me.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 84 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,
Frankly it was an awful week, because we were both ill. Elder Legler threw up and I have had some stomach pain. I might be lactose intolerant again. So I am watching what I eat.
  • We invited a man named mike to get baptized. He said he has been praying about it.
  • We did service for a sister Engle. She is amazing. She is an elderly lady whose husband makes puzzles for a living. Some really good ones too.
  • We participated in an activity to help the youth get ready for missions. They had them separated into three different "missions" and we came in and showed them how to do a door approach.
  • We helped someone move in our ward. He lived on a third floor and we were moving him to another building on the third floor. It was interesting, but fun. We had to get creative around corners with a large coach.
Other than that it was slow. 
I hope you all have a great week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 83 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,
This was a good week. We unfortunately got ill but other than that it was good.
Monday March 7:
It was a great P-Day. That night we had an amazing lesson with A part member family and then went to a bible bashing session with a man from Egypt. Those are always fun (sarcasm implied). And then ended up having a member lesson with a family in the ward. We were exhausted by the evening but had a great day. It is always good to be busy.
Tuesday March 8:
We started the morning off doing a food bank. We do it every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays with a local catholic church.  That night we ended up teaching a hindu family. It was interesting how similar their beliefs are. They are a very old religion and have a lot of ties to the time of Moses. It is interesting. One of the great things as a missionary is learning about others beliefs and how your beliefs compare. One thing I have noticed is that we have the full picture or at least most of it. With this foundation in the gospel it helps me to understand the truth that lies within other peoples beliefs.
Wednesday March 9:
I went on an exchange in the Falcon Park and Northridge area where I used to serve. It was a good day. Halfway through I switched with some other elders to do another short exchange, while the mission leaders went to a meeting. We ended up meeting this amazing member who lives in Roxbourough whose husband is a puzzle maker. We tried a few and they are good. She is interesting because she can pick up on things really well. She each told about us and was spot on in a lot of things.
That night we ended exchanges at the Bury's in our ward. When I got there there was a birthday cake. Thanks Mom. Mom was able to get in contact with them to make a cake for me. It was delicious.
Thursday March 10: 21st Birthday!
We had a district meeting to start the day. It was good and we had cookies to celebrate my birthday. The rest of the day we met with a lot of people. I ate at Red Robin for lunch and we were able to stay busy. It was a fairly normal day but good.
Friday March 11:
This is when I started to get ill. I just had a lot of stomach pain. We had weekly planning and then had a fairly normal day.
Saturday March 12:
It was pretty much the same thing. However we have been working with an excommunicated member and he was baptized. It was a very simple baptism, but was very good. We have been working with this member for a few months so it was very rewarding to see them make this step.
Sunday March 13: 19 month mark
We had another busy day. It was good though. We taught an improv lesson in Gospel Principles on the sacrament. During sacrament meeting I was thinking about the song "Be Still My Soul." Right when I thought about it the speaker said those same words "Be Still My Soul". I decided to look at the lyrics. It was just what I needed. If you ever have fear or wonder about the future and what is next read the lyrics of this hymn. It is great.
Anyways that was my week. It was good just a little stomach pain. I hope you all have a great week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher