Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 83 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,
This was a good week. We unfortunately got ill but other than that it was good.
Monday March 7:
It was a great P-Day. That night we had an amazing lesson with A part member family and then went to a bible bashing session with a man from Egypt. Those are always fun (sarcasm implied). And then ended up having a member lesson with a family in the ward. We were exhausted by the evening but had a great day. It is always good to be busy.
Tuesday March 8:
We started the morning off doing a food bank. We do it every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays with a local catholic church.  That night we ended up teaching a hindu family. It was interesting how similar their beliefs are. They are a very old religion and have a lot of ties to the time of Moses. It is interesting. One of the great things as a missionary is learning about others beliefs and how your beliefs compare. One thing I have noticed is that we have the full picture or at least most of it. With this foundation in the gospel it helps me to understand the truth that lies within other peoples beliefs.
Wednesday March 9:
I went on an exchange in the Falcon Park and Northridge area where I used to serve. It was a good day. Halfway through I switched with some other elders to do another short exchange, while the mission leaders went to a meeting. We ended up meeting this amazing member who lives in Roxbourough whose husband is a puzzle maker. We tried a few and they are good. She is interesting because she can pick up on things really well. She each told about us and was spot on in a lot of things.
That night we ended exchanges at the Bury's in our ward. When I got there there was a birthday cake. Thanks Mom. Mom was able to get in contact with them to make a cake for me. It was delicious.
Thursday March 10: 21st Birthday!
We had a district meeting to start the day. It was good and we had cookies to celebrate my birthday. The rest of the day we met with a lot of people. I ate at Red Robin for lunch and we were able to stay busy. It was a fairly normal day but good.
Friday March 11:
This is when I started to get ill. I just had a lot of stomach pain. We had weekly planning and then had a fairly normal day.
Saturday March 12:
It was pretty much the same thing. However we have been working with an excommunicated member and he was baptized. It was a very simple baptism, but was very good. We have been working with this member for a few months so it was very rewarding to see them make this step.
Sunday March 13: 19 month mark
We had another busy day. It was good though. We taught an improv lesson in Gospel Principles on the sacrament. During sacrament meeting I was thinking about the song "Be Still My Soul." Right when I thought about it the speaker said those same words "Be Still My Soul". I decided to look at the lyrics. It was just what I needed. If you ever have fear or wonder about the future and what is next read the lyrics of this hymn. It is great.
Anyways that was my week. It was good just a little stomach pain. I hope you all have a great week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher