Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 86 - Highlands Ranch

This was a very interesting week.
Wednesday Snow while being stuck at the
church building. Thought it would be an
appropriate time for a quick picture

Monday and Tuesday I really don't remember much. Mostly because of what happened on Wednesday. Tuesday was a bright beautiful spring day with the tree starting to bloom.
Wednesday Mar 23:
It snowed about 14 inches. IT was really wet and heavy snow too. We got a text in the morning saying that we should still try and drive. That was a mistake because most of our day was spent digging other missionaries out of snow. We went to the church to practice a special musical number and then got stuck on the way out. The storm was really windy and it was hard to stay out of the car. Luckily some other elders were also at the church and helped us get out. We then headed over to Daniel's (He is an investigator who is waiting to get permission to be baptized, honestly one of the best people I have ever taught) house. He fed us lunch and we watched Meet the Mormons with him and had a lesson. We then got a call saying that three sets of elders got stuck at the church. (think they would have learned from our mistake) We got our ward mission leader to come with us and help push them out. It was honestly fun.
Easter Cake
That night was very interesting. We ended up looking for the son of the member we live with. He was having a hard time and was a drunk and hadn't come home for 7 hours. We looked for him around the entire neighborhood with no luck. Finally he came home and just needed to talk for a few hours. It was an interesting night, but I was happy to be there for him.
Thursday Mar 24:
We started the morning off by retrieving our car from Daniel's place (we left it there the previous day) and then went to a zone meeting. We had a fairly normal day shoveling a little bit. That night we met with Christian, a less active youth in our ward. He is a rebellious kid and really needs help, but loves missionaries. Hopefully we can help him out.
Friday Mar 25:
It was another fairly normal day with weekly planning. I did however get really sick; I think from milk, which I had a lot of that day. I bought some lactaid to hopefully help with it.
Saturday Mar 26:
I went on exchanges with Elder Clark (my trainer). We had a good and busy day shoveling, and teaching some people. IT was a fairly normal day.
Me, Daniel, Elder Blanchard, and Elder McNiven.
helping push out some other elder's cars.
Sunday Mar 27: Easter
It was a great easter. Elder Legler and I sang in the Spring Gulch sacrament meeting with the Murrays. It was funny because I wore a light blue tie and Elder Legler wore a light green tie. When we got there the Murrays were wearing the exact same color. We stood there in alternate order too. It was completely unplanned but worked out very well. We also had Eudie there with us. It was the first time she has come in a while. After both sessions of church we had dinner with the Karren's a great member family (one of the best I have met on my mission) and then went over to Mike's house for desert. He made us this amazing cake. He himself is a cook and works a restaurant on a golf club. We then had a great visit with the Bury's (who made my birthday cake) and sang for them. It was a great Easter.
It was a very exciting week. I am still trying to figure out the lactose thing and I am pretty sure that is it. However on the bright side it is making me eat healthier because most things with milk are very sugary. No more chocolate for me.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher