Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 87 - Highlands Ranch

Our awesome district.
Hello everyone,
This was a good week. Hard in the middle but good nonetheless

Tuesday April 5th:
It wasn't the best day. We had interviews in the morning with President Murdock and it didn't go very well, so I was bumped the rest of the day. We did however start a tile project. Elder Legler's dad is a tile contractor and he has worked with him a ton. So we got the preparation done.
Wednesday April 6th:
Honestly wasn't a very good day.
Thursday April 7th:
Luckily the week picked up a ton on Thursday. We had a district meeting, Elder Leglers last. We also celebrated peoples birthdays, because we had three that week, with cake and cupcakes. We then went to see Eudie. She is basically the mission Grandma. We had a great evening with a member lesson, a lesson with the Gilmours on The Holy Ghost and a great dinner with the Wagsters.
Friday April 8th: 
 Elder Legler, Daniel and me
It was Elder Legler's 24th Birthday. It ended up being a great day. We took a recently returned missionary out for lunch, whom Elder Legler helped get on a mission. We decided to go to Qdoba, which I get sick everytime we go there, but it was by inspiration. We ran into Monika, who has had a rough time lately. It was great because we set up a time to meet. Today actually. We then had a lesson with Daniel on the Plan of Salvation and what it means for his parents. Interestingly that night he called us up saying he needs some help bearing his testimony, because he wants to bear it on Sunday. So we helped him with that and he did a fantastic job. He is actually giving a talk next Sunday.
Saturday April 9th:
We had a very busy day. We started off by tiling. I mostly stood there and was an assistant but learned a lot about tiling. We then had a lesson with a new investigator Josh. He is agnostic (which means he is unsure about beliefs and God) but was very intrigued by the way we are so tight knit as a church. He also loves the morals we teach. The highlight was of course getting transfer news. Elder Legler is being transferred to the Land of Eternal P-Days (home) and is being paired with his Eternal Companion, Raila (whom he is getting married to in a few months). I am however staying here in the Spring Gulch/Saddle Ranch wards and am being put with Elder Armistead. He is from Australia and is a great missionary. I am excited.
Sunday April 10th:
Sunday was packed. We had meetings, Church, more meetings, and more church. We did get to teach the young women about the Book of Mormon though, We had a great dinner which actually had a ton of dairy in it, for some reason it didn't react. I think I will try and see someone to figure out exactly what I might be allergic to. We went to say goodbye to some people and ultimately went home and Elder Legler started packing.
gilmour family
It is weird to see him go not just be transferred. He has been my favorite companion and has done so many great things for me and for this area. Yes he was a little trunky but I learned a lot from him. I will honestly miss him and plan to keep in contact with him.

Well the weather has been rainy here, which I honestly love. I hope all is well back home and that you all have a great week.
Also the most important thing............ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELINE!
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher