Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 88 - Highlands Ranch

Elder Armistead
This was a great week.
Monday April 11:
This was Elder Legler's last day. It was great. We had a lesson with Monika, and visited a lot of members. We actually at one point locked our keys our church library, so that was a little adventure.
Tuesday April 12:
We woke up early and I drove to the mission office. I said goodbye to Elder Legler and then left with Elder
Once there was a Snowman
Armistead. He is originally from Australia just outside of Sydney and moved to Conneticut when he was 10. So he has a very interesting accent. He is awesome though. He has been out about a year and is excited to work hard. He is funny and our personalities go well together so It will be good. We actually helped decorate for this Teacher Appreciation dinner that is a huge thing in Highlands Ranch. It looked great. I wish I had taken pictures.
Wednesday April 13:We spent the day talking about the area and just introducing Elder Armistead to members. That night we went to an missionary call opening. The young man is going to Argentina. It was fun and reminded me of my call opening a year ago. It really is an exciting thing.
Thursday April 14:We had our first district meeting. It is a small district this transfer but it will be a fun one. We had a great meeting where we really connected. Highlands Ranch in general is one of the hardest areas. to serve in Colorado. However lately we have been doing really well. So we have some exciting things on the horizon.
We also had a chance to visit with Mike. He has come a long way. Him and his family are amazing and they are really in tune with the spirit. He is so close to accepting baptism hopefully this week during a lesson we will invite him again. We are fasting that day to hopefully be guided as to what to say.
Friday April 15:
We started to weekly plan. We asked a member if Elder Armistead could get a haircut on Monday. She said that it would have to be that day because of a terrible storm that was going to come through. The forecast was counting feet of snow not inches. It actually started that night. We had a very busy day luckily and had a lot of appointments before the storm.
Saturday April 16:
We woke up to about a 9 inches of snow and it was coming down. We helped shovel driveways and finished our weekly planning. Because the flowers and trees are blossoming we had to go outside and knock the snow off the trees or else their limbs would break. As the day progressed it got thicker and thicker. The snow was wet and heavy. So it was a slow day. That night when we got home we decided to build a snowman chair. We built a snowman and then converted it into a chair.
Sunday April 17: Happy Birthday Madeline!
We woke up to about 18 inches of snow. We got a text early saying that church was cancelled. This really disappointed me because I really wanted the Sacrament. Going without the sacrament for a two weeks you notice a difference. You almost yearn for it. We helped a few of the neighbors get their cars unstuck and helped shovel. We however didn't even attempt to move our car until later. Around 2 or 3 the sun finally came out and started to melt the snow. We went to the church to borrow some shovels and it was all dried up on the sidewalks and street. It is crazy how fast the snow can melt here. We had a great dinner and then had two meetings with the bishops. They gave us a lot of work and referrals for this next week, so we are excited. They also asked if I could design something for a Mormon Prom which is a huge event among the high schools here.
It was a great week. Just a lot of snow. It is cloudy today and is cold which really throws you off after having two weeks of beautiful weather. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher