Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 89 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,
This was a good week.
Monday April 18:
That night
we had dinner with the Burys and watched Meet the Mormons with the Gilmours, a part member family. It was great.
Tuesday and Wednesday April 19 and 20:
These two days weren't too eventful days. We have been going through our area book trying to visit many of the former investigators which did not have any reason why they were dropped. Many of them have moved since. On Wednesday we did some service for Sister Engle who has enough projects for us to do until she is 110 years old. She is an amazing lady. While over there we helped a man cut down some trees from the last storm and throw them in a burn pile. When he first met us he thought we were amish and couldn't use electronics. I guess he didn't see the car we drove up in. We laughed. He was a very nice man and used to live in Sacramento.  That night I was asked to create a logo for a Mormon Prom. Basing it off the GoPro logo. It was fun and they greatly
appreciated it.
Thursday April 21:
We had district meeting where I trained on getting referrals. That night we had dinner with Mike and then had a short lesson afterwards on baptism. He is so close. We had been fasting and praying that his heart would be softened. We can't wait to see him and his wife be sealed together. We know it will happen some day.
Friday April 22:
We had a little road trip. We went up to commerce city to visit Dr. Joseph Smith. It was about an hour drive. I was getting a checkup appointment. We ran into a lot of traffic especially on the way back. Because traffic was so bad we took a slightly longer route which took us right by the Colorado Rapids Stadium. It was cool, we got out a looked a little.
Saturday April 23:
It was a beautiful day. We started the morning off with a ward walk. The entire ward got together for a walk with breakfast burritos and donuts. We ended up with a lot of that food. If I weigh 300 pounds when I get home it is burritos fault. Other than that We did service for some service missionaries who are over the building grounds. The rest of the day was slow.
Sunday April 24:
This was a great Sunday. I was just very very tired for some reason. It was Elder Armisteads first Sunday at church and he got to know a lot of members. That night we participated in a Bishop vs youth seminary challange. They basically have a competition on who can do better at Old Testament Trivia. I was surprised by how well I did. After that we went to a misisonary call opening. This young man who is a great missionary is going to Milan Italy. It was exciting.
Well that was our week. I hope you all have a great week as well.
Till next time,