Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 90 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,
This was a good week. It snowed and rained a lot.

Tuesday April 26:
Our Zone
We started the day off with going to a Food Drive at the Pax Christi Church. I was put under Chicken duty, which meant I passed out a ton of bags of frozen chicken. It is interesting how you can tell who really needs the help and who is getting it because it is free. It is sad to see some people be very very picky and a little entitled to better food and more of it. IT reminded me of a talk given in conference about how when a person is given stuff without work people will bcome more entitled but when we have to work for something we not only feel better about ourselves but also have humility.
Wednesday April 27:
We had a zone meeting. It went well. We talked about fear and faith and also got some useful ideas about how to fill our day. It was a good day. That evening we did a youth activity with some priests and Daniel (who is a kid we are teaching who is waiting for permission to get baptized from his parents. He is considered the most active priest in the ward. He is awesome) about missionary work. It went really well. I always enjoyed doing things like this with the youth.
Thursday and Friday April 28 and 29:
These were two slow days. We did some service. Tried by some people and brought out a priest with us. We have been working a lot with the youth lately. We try to bring two or three Young men out a week. Basically these two days were normal days, nothing too exciting.
Elder Armistead with his fungus. He put water,
epson salt (which I am allergic too) and clorox in a bucket.
Saturday April 30:
We had a good day. We tried by a lot of people. I actually wasn't feeling too well though. I was just very weak and I think my body was just fighting something off. However we stayed busy. Other than that is was a normal day.
Sunday May 1:
This was a very exciting day. The Spring Gulch ward was great with some great testimonies. We then went to the Saddle Ranch ward. People were there very early because we got a new bishopric. The entire bishopric was released and a completely new one was called in. It is sad to see this bishopric released since they were doing such a great job but I am excited to see this new bishopric and to work with them. Their testimonies were amazing. That night was good with three member lessons as well.
Work here is moving slow, but it has been good. I really love these two wards and it has been great working with Elder Armistead. He can be very hyper and sometimes we annoy each other, but we are very open with each other and resolve them, which makes us work well together
Well I hope you all have a great week and accomplish great things. I can't wait to see some of you on Mother's Day.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher