Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 91 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,
This was a great week. Very busy too.
Tuesday May 3:
We spent the morning baking cookies for people. We got these two new pamplets on Family and

 and Serving and Learning in the Church, so we made cookies and dropped them off to our investigators with the pamphlets. That night we took a young man out, Bro Foulkman. It was great, we talked to some people and helped get him excited about his mission, which he is getting his call this week.
Wednesday May 4:
It was a good day with doing service at Sister Engles, teaching Eudie, and trying by some former investigators. That evening we went out with Bro Rich, who is a priest. We got to teach the Bullocks, who are some members and practice with Bro Rich for his mission. IT was a great lesson and he did an amazing job teaching. He loved coming out. It feels good to give a good experience to these young men who are preparing for a mission.
Thursday May 5:
When I got home I was exhausted. I went on an exchange with Elder Baughn and they were on bikes. Their area has the largest hills in Highlands Ranch and it hurt. We had a great day though. We talked to a lot of people and taught some random lessons. While we were biking around our car got taken away. They need more cars out in Grand Junction so they took our car, because we have a small area, and we are now back on bikes. I like it though. You come home very tired, but it allows you to talk to more people and you get great exercise.
Friday May 6: 
It was a very busy day. We did weekly planning but also helped out with Mormon Prom. It is a huge thing here. Most students are more excited for Mormon Prom than their school Prom. We helped set up for a dinner party beforehand which was Marti Gras themed. I helped design a logo for it that they are going to use year after year. They really went all out. That night we went to a movie night for the Spring Gulch ward. We helped man a candy station with the bishopric while trying to keep our eyes off of Kunfu Panda. Luckily we left early to go to the Mormon Prom Party. We talked to a lot of people. About 50% of the people there were non-mormons. They had Crawdads and ice cream catering and tons and tons of stuff. After everyone left we helped set up. By the time we got home we were wiped out.

Saturday May 7:
We helped out with an Eagle Scout Project for Adam and Young man in the ward. We dug out a little at a school and placed rocks along a path. We also dug deep deep holes and put benches in with Cement. It was fun and a great opportunity to connect with the youth and ward members.
I think after this week my favorite calling would be in Young Mens. Elder Armistead and I also had a mild argument. He was venting a lot, but it is interesting how through this and by the end of the argument we had a heart to heart. He is one of my favorite companions now. It is true that arguments can lead you to grow closer to each other, because you get out what needs to be said.
Sunday May 8:
It was an excellent day. At church we taught unexpectedly Gospel Principles and then taught in Priests Quorum about Scriptures. We noticed a lot of young men on their phones so we told them to put their phones on the table at the beginning and if anyone touches it they have to teach the rest of the lesson. It worked well. The second ward sacrament meeting was great. Their were three great talks one of which was Daniels. He gave an amazing talk on his experience and how he feels about everything. He is going through a bump right now and is trying to stay strong. We all go through these, so we need to make sure that we stay strong and anchor ourselves in the Gospel of Jesus Christ not other things.
Ultimately the best part of the day was Skyping home. It went very well. Probably my favorite one. It was simple short and sweet. I also got to meet my niece. It is odd to think that the next time I see everyone will be at the Airport.
That night we had a great dinner with the Bartons and the Whipples. I went great.
I love you and miss you all. I hope that you all have a great week. Keep moving forward.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher