Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 98 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,

This was a very hard week and frankly was a rollercoaster. 

My arms are both still hurting, but the swelling has greatly decreased luckily. I had to ice and elevate for 4 days, so that was boring. 

We got out to work on Friday and got a car that evening until I get transferred on the 5th. I will either work in the office or go to a car area.

My follow-up appointment is the 12th of July and there they will determine whether I need surgery or not. It just depends on how it heals.

This week has been an emotional and physical rollercoaster. I was hearing from different sources about whether I was going home or not. I just had to tune out the rest and listen to president. We also had many more challenges with the person we live with. He didnt understand why I was at home nonstop. Luckily these have been resolved the best they can be. I had a few meltdowns this week too but I found out that is because of the pain, medication, and overall confusion. Probably mostly the pain medication, so I stopped using that. It was actually kind of funny how loopy I was with it.

Since then, I have been much better though. I am happy and have two great wards who have shown much love and support. After much prayer I believe "I am here for one or two more things. One of which is a baptism this weekend of Daniel. We are very excited about that.

Another miracle happened with Mike showing up to sit with us. He never comes without his family, who is out of town, but he came. That made us so happy. We love that family and we just want the best for them and any step forward is great.

Anyways. I hope you all havr a great week.

Till Next Time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 97 - Highlands Ranch, CO

I am typing with one hand right now. so email me questions if you want a response.

i crashed my bike this week. not on purpose in case you were wondering. we were on our way to dinner when a car staryted to back up along the street. it scared me and i pulled my front break. the back brake was broken and we were planning on getting it fixed that evening. when i pulled it the tension was stronger then normal. a came off the seat and hit the handle bars with my right hand and flipped over them. it hurt.

we went to the urgent care and did x rays. no breaks showed up. however  three days later i still could not move my wrist so i got an mri. it showed that my scaphiod bone is broken in the wrist. i saw a hand specialist today and this is  the deal
my left wrist is sprained and may have bruised bones it is in a splint. thr right arm is in a caste and there vmay be a fracture in the elbow, so i am also in a sling. i cant use it for at least a few weeks. surgery may happen in three weeksdepending on if it heals.

this means i may come home this week.

i cant work and i am in pain. i talk to president tonight to see my options. if i do come home it will be medically released fdrom my mission and wont come back out especially because i am almost done. if i go home mom and dad you will recieve a call from me. dont cancel anything though.

i have greatly loved my mission, i have learned so much. i love you all and will t alk to you later,

till next time, 
elder dallin s pulsipher

Week 96 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,

This week was very similar to last week except for the giant storm that came through.

June 6:
While emailing last week a giant hail storm came through Highlands Ranch and south of it. IT caused damage to every house, with screens ripped. Windows shattered on houses and cars, and roofs damaged. While we were at the library Sister Folkman, which is basically the mom away from home in our wards, was there too. That day we were running really far behind to get to emailing which put us there at the same time as sister folkman. She got a call saying that her basement was flooding. We waited a while and then decided to brace the storm out to her car. It hurt. In fact it got up to the size of golf balls.

When we got there a 4th of the basement was flooded so we took buckets and got most of the water out. Her window well had a foot or two of water in it. We used towels and dried everything up. We basically stayed there for dinner until late that night when the rain stopped.

This started the week of service.

June 7:
Tuesday was basically us dressing up in service clothes and helping people out. We met a lot of people and were raking and blowing leaves. At around 5 another hailstorm came through. Luckily it was short and small but it rained for a good while with crazy lightning and thunder.

June 8:
Wednesday was similar but most of the service was in the morning. Around three we took a young man out, Adam. It was his first time and he really enjoyed it, he was introducing us to his friends and tried to help us find someone to teach. It was awesome. We ended up finding some potential investigators.

June 9:
Thursday we rode around to some specific people and ended getting involved in a long service project of a mother whose husband was out of town, in our proselyting clothes. It was fun, and the two little girls are really funny. We visited with Eudie, Who was really afraid of the storm, and also had dinner with the Gilmours. These people are amazing and some of my favorite people to interact with. I have learned a lot from their experiences.

June 10:
Friday we had interviews with President. Mine went great. It was basically an exit interview that he would normally do when a missionary goes home. I wanted one because he has been the longest mission president I have had, and I have enjoyed working with him. He has helped me out a lot on my mission, through guidance, or giving my challanges. (it is funny how challanges can actually help you). We change mission presidents on the 30th. We also had a lesson with Daniel that day. It went well. He is getting baptized on July 2nd right before the transfer ends. I am excited for that.

June 11:
We helped do service for the Folkmans again. I helped her set up some Gmail stuff for a new job and helped clean up some more after the storm. She whitened our shirts for us, so that they look brand new. The rest of the day was fairly normal.

June 12:
It was a great day. We taught about developing talents during Gospel Principles, which is one of my favorite chapters. That evening we said goodbye to sister Gilmore and their daughter laurin, They are leaving town for a transfer and I might not see them. They have been so kind and we have enjoyed going over to teach that family. We just hope that Mike, the husband will one day join the church. She ended up giving us each a book on the first 150 temples and facts about them. It was a very nice book.

This week was good. Elder Armistead and I are still trying to figure out how to work effectively together, but we will. I hope you all have a great week.

Also today is my 22 month mark. This has gone by so fast, it is ridiculous. See you all in two months.

Till Next time,

Week 95 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,

This was a good and bad week. So I guess just in the middle.

It consisted of just some great stuff and some not so great stuff.

  • We did some service for a lady who is recently divorced. It was actually fun. We got a lot of the youth to participate. Sometimes to do manual labor is good, especially when it is someone in need.
  • Elder Armistead got his bike back. He was very happy about that.
  • Daniel is doing really well and is trying to set a complete date for his baptism, I hope it is soon.
  • I went on an exchange in the YSA ward with Elder Blanchard. It was a great day with a lot of lessons and work going on, It is nice to go to an area with a lot of work sometimes.
Other than that it was a fairly normal week. Elder Armistead and I haven't been getting along to well and we get irritated sometimes, so Sunday we had a long talk about it and what we can do to improve it. This is fairly normal though. You will not get along with every person you meet or are with. You just need to sacrifice a little and talk through the issues.

Well I wish I could write more but we are getting to the library really late today, so I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 94 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,

This was a growing week. Basically everything went wrong. But miracles were found throughout.

Tuesday May 24:
In the morning we did the food bank at Pax Christi. After that we went to get a bike tube for Elder Armistead's bike. It went flat on Sunday. We put the new tube on and after a few minutes it went flat again. Our dinner said that they would bring by a pizza around 6:00 to 6:30 but after an hour of waiting they said it would be 7:30 so we just went to subway.
Edler Armistead and the bike tire
Wednesday May 25:
We had a lesson at the church with Daniel in the morning, it went well. He is doing really well. We talked to him about talking to his parents about giving him permission to be baptized. When we went outside Elder Armistead's tire was flat. So he readjusted it and it worked. Later that day we were biking when his chain came off. When he got off to fix it one of the big gears was bent 95 degrees. It was unrideable. We also saw about 5 snakes that day and he hates snakes. On top of this I had terrible stomach pains throughout the week and it was very strong that day. The rest of the day was spent trying to have someone take us to a bike shop, but everyone was busy so we it was right before an appointment that we could go. When we got there, they said it would be 120 - 200$ to replace. Elder Armistead was very nervous about this. When they came back they said that the part was on a sale because they don't make them anymore and that it would only be $30. Miracle number 1. We went to our appointment which went great, and when we got a ride back someone loaned us a bike. Miracle 2.

Thursday May 26:
The Coyote hanging out in our backyard for about 10 minutes
We started the morning with District meeting. It went well, and then after that left for the day. It was a fairly normal day until Elder Armistead noticed a goathead (thorn) in his tire. He pulled it out and then we heard the hissing sound. We rode home before his tire got flat. We then walked for a while, we eventually met a member who was visiting in town who gave us a ride, that was nice because we didn't think we would have time to get to see this person before dinner. After dinner we went to Sports Authority to get another bike tube. We found out that it is going out of business and that the tube was 20% off. That was nice. Miracle 3

Friday May 27:
Honestly it was a slow day and I don't remember much except that I ripped my pants That wasn't fun.

Saturday May 28:
I was just depressed. For some reason I was having a bad day and was just really down and had no motivation. It might have been trunkiness but it was hard to work. I felt this way all the way until we met a member. We shared a mormon message with them a month ago. She told us that was the perfect thing for her. She was planning a trip to see her sister and tell ask her to come back to church but was really unsure what to say. She honestly didn't want us to come over because she was so busy. That night the words to a talk came to her mind. The next morning she watched the talk and it was the talk tied to the mormon message. She then knew she needed to share this talk with her sister, She did and then they went to a womens conference where the same talk was talked about. The speaker said along the lines of, "Oh and before I end and since it is raining just remember not to drop the umbrella blocking the shower of heavenly blessings." See Shower of Heavenly Blessings.
Banner I helped make for orphanage in Combodia.
It was great to know that we were inspired to share that message. You never know the impact you make. Miracle 4.

Sunday May 29:
It was a great day. We didn't have meetings, which meant that we didn't have to wake up early. We had our first ward which went very well. We helped out in primary which reminded me of when I was a Primary teacher.  The second Church I sang, Because I Have Been Given Much. It went well. I have learned that all Times, Talents and Interests are centered on the work of the ministry. I have really been trying to use my talents to help those in may different ways. We had dinner with the Murrays that night. They are awesome. In fact their third child's name is Jacob and he is really into random hobbies just like you Jacob. It reminded me a little of home Miracle 5

Monday May 30:
It was a great day. We went disc golfing with the Murrays. It was tons of fun. After that we went to the Karrens for a Memorial day Party. It was fun and one of the best P-Days on my mission. In fact they say they know Allen Pulsipher from Texas. They say hi Allen. During this party however, We found out that Daniel got permission to be baptized and is being baptized beginning of July. We are really excited for him. Miracle 6

It was a hard week full of miracles. I am greatful that God allows difficult times to help us grow. We go through a refiners fire that will tests us but helps us grow into who God wants us to be. There is a great Mormon message by the title,Refiners Fire

I hope you all have a great week. See you in 11

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher