Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 95 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,

This was a good and bad week. So I guess just in the middle.

It consisted of just some great stuff and some not so great stuff.

  • We did some service for a lady who is recently divorced. It was actually fun. We got a lot of the youth to participate. Sometimes to do manual labor is good, especially when it is someone in need.
  • Elder Armistead got his bike back. He was very happy about that.
  • Daniel is doing really well and is trying to set a complete date for his baptism, I hope it is soon.
  • I went on an exchange in the YSA ward with Elder Blanchard. It was a great day with a lot of lessons and work going on, It is nice to go to an area with a lot of work sometimes.
Other than that it was a fairly normal week. Elder Armistead and I haven't been getting along to well and we get irritated sometimes, so Sunday we had a long talk about it and what we can do to improve it. This is fairly normal though. You will not get along with every person you meet or are with. You just need to sacrifice a little and talk through the issues.

Well I wish I could write more but we are getting to the library really late today, so I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher