Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 96 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,

This week was very similar to last week except for the giant storm that came through.

June 6:
While emailing last week a giant hail storm came through Highlands Ranch and south of it. IT caused damage to every house, with screens ripped. Windows shattered on houses and cars, and roofs damaged. While we were at the library Sister Folkman, which is basically the mom away from home in our wards, was there too. That day we were running really far behind to get to emailing which put us there at the same time as sister folkman. She got a call saying that her basement was flooding. We waited a while and then decided to brace the storm out to her car. It hurt. In fact it got up to the size of golf balls.

When we got there a 4th of the basement was flooded so we took buckets and got most of the water out. Her window well had a foot or two of water in it. We used towels and dried everything up. We basically stayed there for dinner until late that night when the rain stopped.

This started the week of service.

June 7:
Tuesday was basically us dressing up in service clothes and helping people out. We met a lot of people and were raking and blowing leaves. At around 5 another hailstorm came through. Luckily it was short and small but it rained for a good while with crazy lightning and thunder.

June 8:
Wednesday was similar but most of the service was in the morning. Around three we took a young man out, Adam. It was his first time and he really enjoyed it, he was introducing us to his friends and tried to help us find someone to teach. It was awesome. We ended up finding some potential investigators.

June 9:
Thursday we rode around to some specific people and ended getting involved in a long service project of a mother whose husband was out of town, in our proselyting clothes. It was fun, and the two little girls are really funny. We visited with Eudie, Who was really afraid of the storm, and also had dinner with the Gilmours. These people are amazing and some of my favorite people to interact with. I have learned a lot from their experiences.

June 10:
Friday we had interviews with President. Mine went great. It was basically an exit interview that he would normally do when a missionary goes home. I wanted one because he has been the longest mission president I have had, and I have enjoyed working with him. He has helped me out a lot on my mission, through guidance, or giving my challanges. (it is funny how challanges can actually help you). We change mission presidents on the 30th. We also had a lesson with Daniel that day. It went well. He is getting baptized on July 2nd right before the transfer ends. I am excited for that.

June 11:
We helped do service for the Folkmans again. I helped her set up some Gmail stuff for a new job and helped clean up some more after the storm. She whitened our shirts for us, so that they look brand new. The rest of the day was fairly normal.

June 12:
It was a great day. We taught about developing talents during Gospel Principles, which is one of my favorite chapters. That evening we said goodbye to sister Gilmore and their daughter laurin, They are leaving town for a transfer and I might not see them. They have been so kind and we have enjoyed going over to teach that family. We just hope that Mike, the husband will one day join the church. She ended up giving us each a book on the first 150 temples and facts about them. It was a very nice book.

This week was good. Elder Armistead and I are still trying to figure out how to work effectively together, but we will. I hope you all have a great week.

Also today is my 22 month mark. This has gone by so fast, it is ridiculous. See you all in two months.

Till Next time,