Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 97 - Highlands Ranch, CO

I am typing with one hand right now. so email me questions if you want a response.

i crashed my bike this week. not on purpose in case you were wondering. we were on our way to dinner when a car staryted to back up along the street. it scared me and i pulled my front break. the back brake was broken and we were planning on getting it fixed that evening. when i pulled it the tension was stronger then normal. a came off the seat and hit the handle bars with my right hand and flipped over them. it hurt.

we went to the urgent care and did x rays. no breaks showed up. however  three days later i still could not move my wrist so i got an mri. it showed that my scaphiod bone is broken in the wrist. i saw a hand specialist today and this is  the deal
my left wrist is sprained and may have bruised bones it is in a splint. thr right arm is in a caste and there vmay be a fracture in the elbow, so i am also in a sling. i cant use it for at least a few weeks. surgery may happen in three weeksdepending on if it heals.

this means i may come home this week.

i cant work and i am in pain. i talk to president tonight to see my options. if i do come home it will be medically released fdrom my mission and wont come back out especially because i am almost done. if i go home mom and dad you will recieve a call from me. dont cancel anything though.

i have greatly loved my mission, i have learned so much. i love you all and will t alk to you later,

till next time, 
elder dallin s pulsipher