Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 98 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,

This was a very hard week and frankly was a rollercoaster. 

My arms are both still hurting, but the swelling has greatly decreased luckily. I had to ice and elevate for 4 days, so that was boring. 

We got out to work on Friday and got a car that evening until I get transferred on the 5th. I will either work in the office or go to a car area.

My follow-up appointment is the 12th of July and there they will determine whether I need surgery or not. It just depends on how it heals.

This week has been an emotional and physical rollercoaster. I was hearing from different sources about whether I was going home or not. I just had to tune out the rest and listen to president. We also had many more challenges with the person we live with. He didnt understand why I was at home nonstop. Luckily these have been resolved the best they can be. I had a few meltdowns this week too but I found out that is because of the pain, medication, and overall confusion. Probably mostly the pain medication, so I stopped using that. It was actually kind of funny how loopy I was with it.

Since then, I have been much better though. I am happy and have two great wards who have shown much love and support. After much prayer I believe "I am here for one or two more things. One of which is a baptism this weekend of Daniel. We are very excited about that.

Another miracle happened with Mike showing up to sit with us. He never comes without his family, who is out of town, but he came. That made us so happy. We love that family and we just want the best for them and any step forward is great.

Anyways. I hope you all havr a great week.

Till Next Time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher