Friday, July 22, 2016

Week 100 - Highlands Ranch

Hello everyone,

This was a good week. There were ups and downs but overall it was good.

Wednesday July 6: Happy Birthday Julianne!
We had an interesting day of walking. Our area is huge and takes a long time to get anywhere, so we decided to spend most of our day in one area. By the end of it I was wiped out. Since the injury I have had no energy. However it was nice to get out and work. We did have a lesson with a Caytherine. She is embracing the gospel really well and has read the Book of Mormon  through once with three notebooks.

Thursday July 7:
We started the morning with a district meeting. It went well. We luckily had a lot of appointments that day and got rides to them. They are teaching a lot more people since I have been here. That night we taught a Nepalese Family (Nepal). They fed us some food, which did not sit well, but was good. It is a young couple and his parents. He translated our lesson with his parents and I had a conversation with the father in broken English that I was surprised I understood.

Friday July 8:
I was not feeling well the first part of the day and then my companion wasnt feeling well the second part. So it was a slow day.

Saturday July 9:
Elder Robinson wasnt feeling very well all day long, so I ended up helping the Palmer's, whom we live with, with some yard work. It was interesting using one arm with limited weight. The Palmer's are extremely nice and treat us like family. We also have a big basement to live in. They also have a dog named Chance who comes downstairs sometimes. He is a lot of fun. She is a doctor, Which is helpful, and the family has done a lot.

Sunday July 10:
It was a good day. I unexpectedly taught a lesson on tithing. The wards have also changed a lot, however I got to see some people I missed. I also found out one of the missionaries out from the northridge ward is staying in the same place I am. They are one of my favorite families. We had dinner with the Price family and Catherine. We then went to mission prep class where we did a demonstration with Catherine.

So it was a good week. I am doing much better. I am a lot happier and am excited to be here. Tomorrow morning I see what they are going to do with my arm. I will let you know what it is through the Palmers.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher