Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 104 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,

This was an interesting week.

I really enjoyed serving with Elder Jaynes. We got along really well and it helped with the tension of the companionship. Unfortunately he went home on Saturday. He made a few mistakes on his mission. I will miss him.

The tension between Elder Robinson and I has been up and down. We get along at times and other times we don't. But I will just do my best.

This week was good. We tried some new people. In one house there are some boys who are active but the father is not and the mother is not a member. We went to visit them. We had a great conversation until the father walked into the room. The whole mood changed at that point. He was cordial but we could tell that he wasn't happy to see us. So I noticed they love Star Wars so I said hi introduced myself and them talked Star Wars. It led into a great conversation about this new 3d gaming software. While it wasn't spiritual it was what was needed to help him trust us a little more. By the end the mood was restored and he lightened up. One of the things I realized on my mission is that you need to connect with people to gain their trust. Sometimes that is talking about Star Wars.

It has been a very reflective week this week. I have been reviewing my journals and writing (to the best of my ability) about each of the lessons I have learned on my mission. I have been writing one major lesson for each transfer and it is crazy how there has been one. Sometimes I don't learn or realized I learned it until later, but there was a message God had for me in each area. Next week my email will be centered on that.

Anyways I am excited to see you all in 9 days.

This mission has been one if not the best experience of my life. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me next,

Till next time, which is the last time
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

P.S. You were probably expecting pictures. Don't worry I have been taking them but I want you to be extremely excited to see me when I got off that plane so I will forbear :)